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    What is ***** >.>

    Anyways , YAY ! PASSED ELITE FOUR ! Well not really xD anyways , N and Ghetsis was too easy, took me only 1 try (met them , defeated them). Pwned their dragons (including N's Reshiram) with my Zekrom and Deino :3

    Haven't defeated the Pokemon League though, still trying have my Zweilous (Denio evolved) to level 64 so it'll evolve to Hydreigon :D. Just caught Kyurem in Giant Chasm (omg thank you YouTube for showing me the way) and Volcarona in Relic Castle.

    I also tried out Abyssal Ruins, although I always miscounted my steps :<. Caught a few past generations Pokemon mostly in White Forest :). Did some more Pokemon Musical (awkwardly I did with my Zekrom and got the "as if they were actor" comment :/).

    Visited Route 17 & 18 and P2 Laboratory, accidentally made Cobalion faint in Mistralton cave without saving, although saved at Terrakion and caught it using Timer Ball (it was about 15 turns, I think).

    Then did some Random Matchups and tried out Rotation Battle with the Ace Trainer on Marvelous Bridge Gate.. :D This is so far :

    Zekrom Lv. 54

    Virizion LV. 52

    Volcarona LV. 70

    Zweilous LV. 58

    Wett (Samurott) LV. 54

    Kyurem LV. 75
    Don't talk Trubbish just because you sell Timburr if you still talk Trubbish, I swear I will throw Garbodor. Mwhahaha :D