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    Entry In Pokemon Trainer Lan's Journal

    So after trading on gts negotiations for about 3 days, I lost some good team members, while i gained good team members. May you be happy, Red and Buck (Emboar and Sawsbuck) wherever you may be.
    Im currently inside the shopping mall on route nine, about to enter the next city. Green (Simisage) has took over as leader since Red left. Unfezant isn't too sure what to think, as my team only has two members i caught, and two i got in trades. Hpefully they'll get along.
    On another note, i hit 100,000 poke! Im so excited.
    The team stands at this:
    Green (Simisage) - 44
    Unfezant - 38
    Magneton - 42
    Entoron (Golduck) - 57