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    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post

    I was referring to pokemon as mobs!

    Sorry, have been playing too much Lineage 2 and League of Legends!XD
    Okay! It's intended to be so because that's where the map connection between The Capital and Western Lake is located. Each map can only have one set of wild pokemon data so I couldn't make different water pokemon appear in different parts of The Capital and I don't think it would work if strong water pokemon could be seen in those small pools close to the Pokecenter.

    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    I did!

    The fisherman at Area 106 Mt. Lima Entrance that talks about Fisherman Dustin!
    This is not intended to be a bug either (and has nothing to do with trigger events btw). When talking to him again after he catches Lv10 Magikarp, he won't encounter another one till you escape Area 106 and return there. This is mostly because I don't want to use flags for no good reason (you need to understand what this means either). :D

    Originally Posted by godlesplay View Post
    I found only one in Milky Village , btw where is HM Surf ?
    I've written the FAQ in the main post for questions of this kind but as it's not really explained in there (only tells you HM03 will be obtainable eventually by playing), I'll answer to it.

    Just keep playing till you reach Argent Warehouse. You'll get it from a scientist in there after a certain event (not going to spoil it here) is gone through.
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