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    Hey divinities, may I be reserved for a mercenary too? I've looked at a lot of old tapestries which gave me a idea for a character~!

    (still a work in progress)

    Name: Evelynn "the Dancing Sword" Tehyus
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Country of Origin: Eveamoor

    Appearance: Standing at about 5'9, weighing in about 138 pounds, Evelynn might of gained a bit more weight over the years, but she still considers herself to still stand at a respectable, healthy stance. Her skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom, color toned at a lightly tanned color. Her body is not all that skinny, but she does keep herself in a good enough shape to continue with her activities with relative ease. Her eyes are a light brown color, resembling the common pavement. She keeps her red hair in a braided ponytail that is supported by brown bands, and that drops all the way to her thighs. There is not much else to say about her natural appearance - like any other human, she has 5 slim fingers in each hand, her ears are not too pointy and not too small, her 5 toes on each foot are not too big, and her nose is not too big or small either.

    As for her attire, she traditionally wears two types of attires: one for a swift combat, and one for her leisurely entertaining dances. Both of these attires consists of light wear, since she greatly values great mobility. Her combat attire consists of her upper half of her body having a brown and golden lining breast plate on her chest, brown shoulder guards on each of her shoulders, as well as arm braces of the same color, braces on each of her forearms, towards her wrists, all decorated with her family's traditional sapphire jewel on each brace. On her bottom half, she wears a brown and golden lining skirt supported by a small yet thin belt. Underneath her skirt, she wears light brown tights that extends to her boots, which are long enough to reach her kneecaps.

    As for her dancing attire, her upper body consists of a brown top that covers her breasts, as well as brown braces that cover her forearm, all the way to her wrists. On her bottom half, she wears red, bloated, yet easy-to-move-in pants that is supported by a darker red belt that is decorated by a big red ribbon. On her feet, she wears dark-red lace that supports the helms of her feet so that she would not get scratched whenever she dances on rock-filled surface. She carries a big white, skinny blanket that she uses to catch the eye of the men she entertains for money. Deciptful it might be, but that's what you would have to do in a dog-eat-dog society.

    Personality: Evelynn is a young woman who derives from her own self-sense of entertainment. She would never do anything constructive unless she thinks ahead of the benefits for her. Benefits such as the money she could earn, or simply having a good enough time that even money can not buy - however, it would still be great if it could. Her detractors, either envious of her success or acrimonious of her flexible morality, have begun to use Evelynn as a symbol of what is wrong with the mercenary nature of Eveamoor. Evelynn dismisses her critics, saying that while her personal code of ethics is less ruthless than her competitors, "Everyone has a price".

    Often enough, outside of hunting, and mercenary jobbing, Evelynn can act quite reprehensible when it comes to earning her fortune. Evelynn acts as a bi-sexual flirt at times to sway her "chosen one" into making them feel so good that they would want to do anything for Eve. Eve proved herself successful with this time and time again with her dancing, and sometimes outside of dancing.

    As you get to know Evelynn better, Evelynn is rather enigmatic. She is sarcastic and witty, unintentionally even to the point of cruelty. Evelynn has a snide, sarcastic response to even the most serious subjects, and loves to tease the companions she befriended. However, Serene's sarcastic and harsh words are often well-founded, so she only uses them to express her disapproving opinions.

    In combat, Evelynn prefers swiftness, and the ability to try and outsmart her opponents. She can do whatever it takes to win - even taunt her opponents into making a fatal opening for her to capitalize on. Thus, Time and time again, Evelynn proves herself to not only be strong, but to be quite sly.

    Evelynn does believe in the gods and goddesses taught by her in the church of The Council of Nine, but at the same time, she does not believe that the divinity should not be an excuse for the deplorable living state one can live in - she's a woman that believes that to make your dreams come true, you have to make things happen yourself.

    History: Being born in a somewhat lower-middle class in the city of Yamcha, Eveamoor, Evelynn grew up in a society where corruption deception was imminent. She grew up in a family of three: her mother, her father, and her younger brother. Hunting and fighting was in Evelynn's blood - her family was from generations of such activities. It was the only way for her family to gain the fortune they own today.

    When Evelynn was 10 years old, her father, a veteran warrior who was a proud and famous warrior for the League of Warriors, taught Eve how to be strong, while her mother stayed at home to care for Eve's younger brother. Her father would usually take her to the nearby woodlands to hunt for boars, in an effort to teach her how to hunt. Other times, her father performed practice rounds with Evelynn to teach her how to fend for herself in the art of combat. She was mainly taught how to wield a broad-sword, since a lance was the main weapon of her family name. She was also taught how to wield a hand-axe too, since it was arguably the most versatile weapon when it came to hunting. However, Eve often sought the "easy way out" of her duties, which of course, according to her father, was quite foolish.

    As Eve turned 15, she, according to her family, became old enough to work under hire. She had no choice to comply, even after refusal. Hunting of course was her main job, as she worked under The Hounds hunting guild. Gaining as much money as she possibly could became a reoccurring theme for Eve, as she sought job, after job to do so. One day, after an unsuccessful hunt, Eve decided that hunting was too much of a bore for her - it did not pay her well, and everyone seemed to have a stick up their asses when it came to the quality of work. However, despite her complaints, this was the only thing she could do to earn her money for the moment.

    As Eve turned 18, even after job after job, her excitement was still not fulfilled. That was until after she listened to the playing of a lute that belonged to an old woman. It was strange - even from her current age, Evelynn could not explain why, but the music inspired her... she started to clap her hands, and move her body; it was dancing! Even if it was a low-brow dance, the dance was fun; was this the excitement that Evelynn desired?

    The answer to that question became known as she sown fabric together to create new clothing - it was new attire that was not for hunting, but for dancing. She recognized that from her father's bloodline of warriors, she knew that her father would probably not approve of her recent behaviors. So, to keep her family from knowing, she began to perform on the streets under a different name, "the dancing sword". As the dancing sword, she seduce the audience that watch her perform, and from the seduction, they offer her bits amounts of money. It was starting to become more than the fortune she gains as a hunter.

    Two years later when she turned 20 years old, her father one day put an end to her training. He decided it was time for Evelynn to become a full, successful warrior under the hire of the League of Warriors. Eve of course, did not enjoy this idea, but according to her father, as long as she was part of the Tehyus family, she had to act under a code of ethics that only a true warrior would understand. That was when Eve knew it was time to abandon her Tehyus name, and to confront her father.

    One day, Eve challenged her father in combat. Her father was quite surprised, since Eve's training was officially over, so it was unusual for her to challenge him to a friendly spar. However, Eve had other plans: this spar was more than friendly, because there would be stipulations. If she wins, then she would be able to finally live out on her own, training, and doing jobs that she would choose-not her father's. Her father was skeptical of the terms at first, but he finally agreed. The battle began. As the battle progressed, Eve knew that her father knew all of her moves, after all, it was her father that taught them to her. So, Eve decided it was time for a new strategy. It was then that Eve revealed to her father a new arsenal of moves - one that greatly resembles her dance steps. Her father thought it was strange - these were not the techniques that he passed on to Eve, so was it possible that Eve had grown into an adaptable warrior? There was no time for sudelty however, since this was, of course, a duel.

    Soon, Eve's lance was strewn away by her father, and thus, losing Eve the duel. Eve accepted defeat. However, her father recognized Eve finally accepting her honor and responsibility, which made him reconsider Eve's place upon this world. As a young woman, he thought it was indeed time for her to view the world on how she fits. He still prefers that Eve becomes a warrior, but, at the same time, he would not hold it against her if she prefers otherwise. That was when Eve told her dad the truth - she made dancing her profession as well as the art of hunting and combat. Her father wanted her to do the contrary, but he respected it. That was when her father gave Eve the family - jewels - two sapphires that was virtually priceless in the world. It was awarded to Eve's great grandfather after a great, yet very dangerous mercenary job he performed, and it was passed down from generation to generation. If Eve were to sell them, she, herself can become very rich. So much so that she can move on to a more comfortable society. However, he pointed out that her family had not sold the jewels for decades, since of course, it was what it defined the family. If Eve truly wants to get rid of her family name, it was right there in the palm of her hands. Eve did not respond to what she wants to do with these jewels, as she simply giggled.

    5 years later, Eve became 25 years old. She still lives with her family in Yamcha, but with her father retired due to his old age, so it was up to her and her younger brother to seek money for the family. Eve still hunts under some occasions, and even dances in her free time. She even became a bounty hunter for hire. Bounty hunting became her profession since, according to her, she "had a way of finding the people she loves". Tales came to Yamcha of her success, as one would state, "be sure to look for the dancing sword", and for the right price, she would take up the offer, as two jewels on her prospect shines with the sunlight.

    Weapon Preference: Evelynn uses her Broad-Sword in combat. She calls it "the singing blade" since, according to her, each time she uses her sword, it sounds like it signs to her. Not very understandable, but only Evelynn knows. Her secondary weapon is a hand axe, which she mostly uses this for hunting.

    RP Sample: From Arcanum

    Lynn Colthearts - Mission One

    Januvale's port side was about as peaceful and calming as the town. Perhaps for now, at least. Lynn, the overactive 16 year old girl who was born in raised in this town, faced the port's waterside with relaxed eyes. Of course, she had been at this port many times during her walks in and about this town; she knows that this port was peaceful, and very good for her "chi" as she called it. In other words, her: how-lucky-I-am-going-to-be-energy-today. In any case however, she knew that there would be no time for sightseeing and taking in the view -- there was something that needed to be done before the day was through. Just a few feet behind her was a small, monkey like pokemon, whom on top of its head, had a herbal leaf, and all green in color, including its tail, except its face, which was beige.

    "Sage, Pansage..." (Yuck, I despise salt water...) the pokemon known as Pansage remarked, with a disgusted look on his face.

    I wonder where that cursed boat is... Lynn thought. And, I wonder if that curse was because a drunken sailor smashed a piece of glass against it's drunken friend in dispute of a trading card... In any case, ITS UP TO ME TO DISPEL IT! Lynn then got out a small red-jeweled object from her dress. According to her, it was a talisman that she inherited from her mother. "With this, the curse shall be lifted from that boat!" She inquired, as Lynn then felt a tug on her dress.

    "Pan, Pansage!" (Before talking to spirits, you might want to look over here,) Pansage suggested, tugging on Lynn's dress to get her attention. Then, when Lynn stopped to glance downward at it, the Pansage pointed towards a fairly large ship. This was their objective.

    "Ah, excellent work, Pansage!" Lynn complimented, turning her attention towards the ship. "The cursed ship...perhaps it's no curse according to Jerosh, BUT, curses are not to be taken lightly. I mean, what if it's just a warning -- a WARNING FOR THINGS TO COME!"

    "Sage..." (Oh dear...)

    "I MEAN, THINK ABOUT IT!" Lynn bawled, tightening her grip on her talisman. "Someday, the passengers and pokemon on board WILL TURN INTO POLITOADS! With BAD BREATH! With... A MUSTACHE! Let me tell you Pansage -- I think mustaches look ugly."

    "Sage... Pan... Pansage..." (But... I love mustaches... I dream of having one someday... Pokemon will think I am handsome...)

    However, Lynn was obviously unaware to what Pansage was truly saying, so, her resolve was still set. "...That's why this curse must be broken, and the pokemon that is responsible inside, must be captured!" Lynn explained. "Well, our first priority is to get in side the ship of course... I'm sure the sailors inside will gladly let us in."

    "Pan, Pansage!" (Yeah! I mean, those sailors are downright jolly, you know? They'll let us pass!)

    * * * *

    "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" a sailor declared, who only Lynn and Pansage could only meet with towards the only way inside the ship's hull. His shirt has blue and white stripes and his pants was a very clean white. His strong muscles could only be outmatched by his short, stubby hair. Yup, it's a sailor alright... Lynn thought.

    "Sage... Pan..." (There goes my jolly idea in the crapper...) Pansage sighed.

    "But, why can't we just go in?" Lynn asked.

    "We're handlin' a situation in which we are trying to control a wild pokemon!" the sailor replied. "We can't let young punks go in there and mess up our whole plan!"

    "...What is this... plan?" Lynn asked, with a obvious certain doubt in her mind.

    "WE... ACTUALLY HAVEN' THOUGHT OF ONE YET!" The sailor explained, grinding his teeth in frustration. "BUT WHEN WE DO, IT IS GONNA' TO BE THE BEST! WITH BLACKJACK! AND A HUGE EXPLOSION IN THE END! In fact.. forget the blackjack!"

    "Sage, Pan..." (I never knew people normally enjoy playing card games on boats... But with fireworks?) Pansage remarked.

    "Well actually," Lynn said to the sailor. "My name is Lynn. I've come on behalf on Jerosh Ja. Perhaps you know of him?"

    "D-Do I know of em'?!" the sailor repeated in anguish. "H-He's the greatest top ranked trainer of Arcanum! But... what business does he ask of you in this humble ship?"

    However, Lynn didn't answer. She stood there, motionless and quiet, on the spot she stood coming here, staring off towards the sky.

    "Um...Lynn?" the sailor asked, trying to grab her attention, to get her to answer his question.

    "Sage! Pansage!" (Hey! Can't you see she's having a flashback?)

    * * * *

    Lynn followed Jerosh all the way towards his humble home. His house was quiet, yet very comfortable to live in. Lynn was almost jealous stepping side, as Jerosh closed the door behind him. I suppose he's not used to spiritual company... Lynn thought, as Jerosh invited her to sit down the living room's chair. He paced in and out of the room, pondering something to himself. Then, he stopped and focused his attention to Lynn.

    "That mark..." he started. "How did you get it?"

    Lynn then glanced at the mark she received last night. That dream was still burned to her mind. "Well..." Lynn began to explain. "Uh, I had a dream you see, it was weird, and very dark, oh, and there was this Zekrom...he showed me images of the town burning down and I was like...OH NO! THE TOWN! But then he told me that this shouldn't of happened, and I was like, why not? OH, AND BY THE WAY THIS POKEMON WAS REALLY SCARY. The spirits didn't like him much...I guess. But then! Before I knew it, I woke up! However, then realized; this black and white mark appeared on my wrist! IT WAS A CURSE FROM HADES! I thought, FOR STEPPING ON THAT CRACK YESTERDAY!"

    Jerosh nodded, as he got the gist of Lynn's tale. However, instead of being surprised, he was more worried. "Your guardian is calling you... I know how that is." He explained, as he then suddenly shows his own wrist. Lynn could only jump to what she saw then -- Jerosh had a mark of his own. "I too had a dream some nights ago, telling me to prepare... This must have been what my guardian meant. Prepare you." Joresh then fixes his dark gaze on Lynn. Lynn now thought that this problem was not to be taken by a mere talisman. "I don't really know who you are, but you don't look ready."

    "Even not... spiritually?" Lynn asked. Jerosh promptly shook his head signalling an answer: No.

    "You have to honor your Arcanian ancestry and follow the call. But you won't go anywhere until you've proven to me that you're ready. I know what I'm talking about. You... you need pokémon. A journey through Arcanum is too perilous nowadays without trusted pokémon by your side."

    "While I do not qsh to discuss my ancestry... A trusted partnered pokemon?" Lynn asked. "Indeed... I never had one before. I've only read tales of people with their pokemon towards unexplored lands."

    "Well, today is the day that you will acquire one," Jerosh said, as he looked out the window. "Down at the docks by the shore, there is a big ship from the east that came in just the other day. It carried explorers that had been meddling with things in the Arca Islands in the sea to the east. They had to make a stop here because they said something was wrong with their ship. Some believe they are cursed, but I know better... They have picked up some freepassagers. Pokémon from the islands. The Arca Islands are sacred to us, but the eastern explorers do not care--"

    "I STOPPED AT CURSE," Lynn bawled. "There's actually a CURSE involved?"

    "Absolutely not," Jerosh replied. "That's not the actual concern here."

    Lynn stood in thought. I must see this first hand! I want to dispel all curses, and be one with spirits! she thought. Then, with a more determined voice, she asked, "Master Jerosh, what do I have to do then?"

    Joresh then walks up to a nearby shelf, where a lot of different pokéballs are lined up. He carefully chooses a normal looking one. "Head down to the docks and find one of these pokémon. They are probably either roaming the shores, hiding in the storage huts or making mischief on board the ship. If you tell the sailors I sent you, you'll be allowed on board. Bring one of those pokémon back to me here, somehow."

    So a POKEMON is cursed... very well then. Lynn thought, as Jerosh hands her the pokeball, as well as another pokeball, except this one was empty. Jerosh took a serious, deep breath.

    "I will loan you one of my young but trustworthy pokémon. If you can get it to trust you, and manage to bring back one of the pokémon at the docks before the end of the day... then I believe you are ready."

    Lynn nodded that she knew what she had to do at last. From reading all of the pokemon picture books, she caught on on how to open and close pokeballs, as well as catch pokemon. She then took a quick glance at the pokeball which, according to Jerosh, contained one of his trusted, young partners. Lynn decided to find out what the pokemon was, by throwing the pokeball in the air, opening it up. The released energy then sent out what it seemed to be a herbal small monkey pokemon. It had its eyes closed, but then, as it yawned, it opened them, only for his first sight to be young Lynn, staring towards it.

    "Pan.. Sage..." (And I was having such a nice dream about banana's too...) Pansage yawned.

    * * * *

    Now, as Lynn's flashback drawn to a close, she and Pansage were both escorted into the ship's hull. It was a marvelous ship; it was clean, spacious,and very sea worthy. Pretty soon, the group met up with a young boy, however, he was slightly older than Lynn.

    "O-oh!" the boy greeted. "Master Bruno! Who... is this with you?"

    "Takato, this is Lynn, and she's gonna help us here," the sailor now known as Bruno explained. "Lynn, this is Takato. Me' proud apprentice!"

    Apprentice...? Should that be like, a first-mate? Lynn questioned. "Nice to meet you Takato."

    "Yeah... likewise! Hehe..." Takato suddenly swooned, with his cheeks glowing a rosy red. "You... are a very pretty lady, miss Lynn."

    "Thanks..." Lynn thanked, not taking an interest in Takato's complement, but, was still being nice about that he even did. It was quite a stretch in which she was called 'miss' when she was 16 years old.

    "Sage... Pan," (Poor boy doesn't have a chance now,) Sage remarked with a chuckle.

    "Takato, have you prepared our plan?" Bruno asked him with a confident smile.

    "Um... well," Takato replied, with his voice starting to shake. "Th-the fireworks were all burnt out. S-sorry... But... we have plenty of ice cream!"


    "Wondrous idea, master!" Takato complemented. "We have plenty of cooking dough and storage milk!" However, even Pansage detected the sarcasm in Bruno's loud voice, so, he could only respond by rolling his eyes.

    "If I may," Lynn intervened, as all eyes were now glued on her. She then had an open smile. "I have an idea."

    * * * *

    "So... what's the meanin' of dis' again?" Bruno could only asked, as all four of them were seated inside a separate room part of the ship's interior. They were all seated in a neat circle, holding hands with each other, and with Lynn's talisman sitting right on the center of the circle. Lynn had her eyes closed.

    "This is the technique of the Colthearts clan," Lynn explained, still having her eyes firmly closed. "We are going to communicate with the ship's cursed spirits and ask them why they have decided to join us today."

    "WAIT, MASTER, THE SHIP IS CURSED?!" Takato asked out of agony, as he tried to release his grip from Bruno and Lynn beside him. "I changed my mind about this -- I WANT OFF-- "

    "SIT YER' BUTT DOWN." Bruno ordered, pulling Takato back in the circle. "If I'm gonna stomach through dis', you sure as hell will! Think of it as a no guts, no glory tranin'."

    "Okay..." Takato replied softly, taking deep breaths to calm himself down.

    "Okay... let the spirit communication commence!" Lynn announced, as everyone in the room closed their eyes.

    "Sage... Pan, Pansage," (Is it too late to say, I feel like an idiot? Because... I feel like an idiot.)

    "Showa matta quo mo hro twoa motta ku konhora... Showa matta quo mo hro twoa motta ku konhora!" Lynn chanted, as everyone then by now, couldn't believe that they were getting through with this. "Spirits of this vessel... show yourself! Show us your pain! Your plight! Your hate! Why do you embrace your hate? Give us a sign... Any sign!"

    Then, there arose the sound of rustling and clatter inside the quiet, dark room. "AH!! MASTER IT'S WORKING!! HIDE ME!! HOLD ME!!" Takato jumped, clinging on to Bruno.

    "Get offa me!" Bruno demanded, shoving Takato aside, with his eyes open. "I hear it too... That came from the ship's warehouse department... It's close from here."

    "Okay!" Lynn grasped, as she stood up, having her eyes open, with Pansage following after her. "The spirits are near! Let's go get them!"

    * * * *

    The ship's warehouse was well lit, and pretty spacious, despite it holding some of the ship's cargo. The sounds of rustling and crunching could only grow louder and louder as Lynn slowly opened the door. When the door was wide opened, the first thing Lynn and the group saw was a frizzy-looking, golden-brown tail. Then, Pansage, Bruno, and Takato slowly went in after Lynn, trying to figure out who that tail belongs to. Before they knew it... they soon found themselves almost singed by a flame of fire.

    "P-Pansage--?!" (WHAT IN THE NAME OF ARCEUS--") Pansage gagged, surprised at the ordeal. Of course, that was only because grass pokemon hated fire. However, that could of surprised anyone.

    "A fire spirit?!" Lynn could only guess. "Show yourself!" As soon as they knew it, the fairly small perpetrator showed itself from the bunched up boxes. It had a body which was covered in golden-brown fur. It also had a large, bushy tail, fluffy collar and a tuft of fur on its head; all of which are a lighter toned golden brown. It was then that Lynn and the group knew it wasn't a spirit; it was a pokemon. Flareon.

    "Flareon! Flare!" (Burn, burn, BUUUURN!) Flareon cried, as it spouted fire from its mouth, and shot it at random directions, almost singeing at the group.

    "It's a... Flareon," Bruno explained. "It must of gone on board while we were at the Arca that's what was wrong with da' ship... dis' Flareon was messin' around in it!"

    "Sage... Pan..." (Is it too late to mention I REALLY hate fire?) Pansage gagged.

    "But... but... BUT!!!" Lynn cried, drooping her arms in anguish. "IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SPIRIT!! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!"

    "Pansage!" (Then again, it IS the pokemon Master Jerosh said we had to get...)

    "We'll handle dis', Lynn!" Bruno said, as he got out a pokeball from his pocket, and held it in his left hand. "Come, Takato!"

    "Yes Master!" Takato replied, as he too,got out a pokeball from his pocket, and held it with his right hand. Then, Bruno and Takato both sent out their pokemon.

    "GO FEEBAS!!" Bruno called out,sending out his flopping Feebas.

    "GO MAGIKARP!!" Takato called out after, sending out....his flopping Magikarp.

    "Sage, Pansage," (Something tells me... I will not like the look of this,) Pansage worried.

    "Ready Takato?! After me!" Bruno announced. "Feebas, Splash attack!"

    "Right, Master!" Takato called back. "Magikarp, Splash attack!"

    The two fish pokemon then started to flop even more at a rapid rate. And more. And more. And more. And more. And more. And... more. It came to a point to where Lynn realized nothing was going to happen.

    "Flareon! Flare!" (Annoying fishes! YOU MUST BUUUUURN!) Flaroen cried, as it once again shot out its flamethrower, scorching the two fished on where they...flopped. They now just... flipped, as they both fainted.

    "No... our... communication..." Bruno said, could not believing his Feebas and Takato's Magikarp fainted before their eyes. Bruno was now on his knees. "Our duo attack failed... WE'RE DOOOOOOOOOMED!"

    "DOOOOOOOOMED!" Takato continued, as he also, fell on his knees in a crushing defeat.

    "Pan...Sage," (They're...not very good,) Pansage remarked.

    Lynn knew that she had to do something. She glanced at Pansage. "Pansage, let's get in there!" said Lynn, with Pansage now looking a bit glum. "Now let's see...what did Jerosh say you're attacks were again... oh yeah! Pansage, use your Match attack! I MEAN -- Scratch attack!"

    After a few seconds, Pansage knew that this was inevitable, so, Pansage finally got over its fear of being torched, at it nodded to try and proceed with the attack. It opened up its fierce claws, and charged right towards the Flareon. Flareon was quick however, as it was able to hop out of the way.

    "Sage... Pansage?" (I... don't suppose you want to talk this out? Without burning, of course...? Haha?) Panage asked from begging, as it was slowly backing away from the Flareon.

    "Flareon! Flare, Flare!" (Foolish monkey! You must BUUUUURN!) Flareon cried, as it was now chasing Pansage, trying to hit it with a hot, singeing Flamethrower. Pansage managed to dodge everyone handily, and swiftly, but, only barely.

    "Shoot! Come on, come on..." Lynn mumbled to herself, trying to think of an idea. Then, she found one. "Vine Whip! Ah, of course -- Pansage, use Vine Whip!"

    Pansage heard the command, as it jumped on top of one of the ship's cargo boxes, with Flareon trailing behind on lower ground. Pansage then quickly sprouted two vines from the leaves it had.

    "Pansage!" (This time, I'll slap some anti-pyro sense into you!) cried Pansage, sending out its vines to whip Flareon's cheek, repeatedly.


    Pansage stopped for a brief moment while Flareon was staggering, to look awkwardly at Lynn and her questionable cheering. Then, it continued to slap Flareon with its Vine Whip, until it had enough playing the sadist role, and retracted its vines. Flareon shook its head, trying to regain some composure.

    "Flare...Eon!" (ARGH... Darn it!) I t cried, seemingly in pain from the Vine Whip. However, it wasn't out yet -- it then performed a quick attack, as the unexpected victim, Pansage, got hit hard, and was sent flying towards the wall.

    "Are you okay, Pansage?" Lynn asked, concerned.

    "PW-an...Wage..." (I tink my node id browken...) Pansage replied, as he got up, rubbing his nose.

    Let's see... Lynn thought. Jerosh also "something about a direct Lick attack that can cause paralysis...Aha! Lynn then turned toward Takato. "I need you to distract Flareon, while Pansage tries to counter-attack! The spirits will guide you!" Lynn explained to him.

    Takato rose up from the floor, finally getting over his crushing defeat. "Okay, I'll try..." he replied with a nod. "HIIIIIAAAARGHHH!" However, much to his dismay, he can only get as far as 2 feet before he slipped.

    Flareon and Pansage turned towards where Takato made a huge 'THUD', with Lynn being worried, so she rushed over to where Takato fell over. "Ow... Lynn..." Takato cried. "What... happened?"

    "You tried to run after Flareon," Lynn explained, pointing to a yellow, blunt object. "But two seconds later, you slipped on that banana peel."

    "Sage...Pan, Pan, Pansage," (Shoot, that's my fault lad. I was hungry after that channeling you see, and I had an extra one, so...) Pansage explained.

    "Flareon! Flare, Flare, Eon," (GRR... THAT BANANA PEEL MUST BUUUUUURN!) Flareon roared, as it prepared its Flamethrower once again. Lynn knew that this was her chance.

    "Aha! Quick Pansage!" Lynn called out. "Use your Lick attack on it's side!" Pansage obeyed, as it quickly leaped from against the wall, and stuck its rough tongue out, until it came on contact with Flareon's head. Then, it quickly licked the golden-brown fur from Flareon. Flareon was surprised, so it couldn't perform the Flamethrower he had planned. Then, Pansage quickly hopped back as he saw that Flareon didn't counter attack -- it was paralyzed.

    "Pan, Pansage," (Yuk... he tasted like Skitty litter...) Pansage gagged, as it was spitting out the horrible taste from licking the Flareon.

    "Now Pansage, Scratch!" Lynn ordered, as Pansage opened its claws again, and, without worry, it scratch the helm of Flareon's face, sending it crashing against the wall. Lynn now knew, it was time to catch it with a pokeball.

    "Spirits, guide this pokeball!" Lynn commanded, getting out the empty pokeball from her dress pocket. "Pokeball, go!" She then threw the pokeball, towards the half-fainted Flareon. The pokeball opened, releasing energy which sucked Flareon inside.

    The pokeball then shook once.

    Then twice.

    Followed up with a third time.

    "I hope this works..." Lynn commented.

    To be continued...


    The pokeball shook once more, but then, it stopped. Everyone in the room hd a collective silence until...'PING!' Flareon has been caught. Lynn had a wide smile on her face as she grabbed the pokeball from the floor.

    "Pansage, I did it!" Lynn announced. "I caught Flareon!"

    "Sage..." (Yeah... SHE did it,) Pansage mumbled, rolling his eyes. it then hopped towards Lynn, as Bruno and Takato finally stood back up.

    "By my beard..." Bruno gasped. "Well done! Haha! Takato could learn a thing or two from that!"

    "I...guess I could," Takato chuckled, blushing. "Hey, can we do that again--"


    * * * *

    An hour later, Lynn, along side her new Flareon in his pokeball, Lynn's pokeball shined along with Pansage waddling alongside her, arrived in front of Jerosh Ja's house. Her pokeball shined against the sun's reflecting rays, signalling that this is a job well done. Lynn then knocked at Jerosh's house, but, found that the door was already opened. Lynn thought it was strange... it was as if Jerosh knew that she would past this test or something. But, oh well -- it wasn't the time to get sentimental. She opened the door, with Pansage following just behind her.

    "Hey Jerooooosh!" Lynn called out. "I'm back! I got the pokemon that you wanted me too! His name is Flareon; a real...HOT HEAD!"

    Pansage face-palmed.

    Mission One - Complete!

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