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    Second update on my Storm Silver run!
    Here I am, challenging Falkner, the bird pokemon gym leader.
    I start with my trusty Almalexia the Sandshrew, facing Falkner's Doduo!
    I command Almalexia to spend the first few turns buffing her defense up with Defense Curl, then I use a potion and finish off the Doduo with ease.

    The next pokemon he sends out is Murkrow. Under normal circumstances this pokemon's attacks would be quite damaging, but since Almalexia buffed her defense up, now she can play offensively.
    3 scratches are all it takes to bring Murkrow down. Next out is Swablu. Since I know Falkner taught it Solarbeam, I switch back my Sandshrew and send out Keibriados the Hoothoot.
    Solarbeam is all this pokemon has of notable power, and Hoothoot manages to beat it with a combo of Hypnosis and Air Cutter.
    Things look nicely for me, since the popular bird trainer only has 3 pokemons left now, while I still have 6!
    Chatot is next. Unfortunately for me, I greatly underestimated this pokemon. I mindlessly send out Spinda, and Chatot pulverizes her with just one chatter...
    I try to hypnotize Chatot with Poliwag, but he fails, and is brought down too. Annoying pokemon...
    I decide to send out my strongest pokemon, Duelista the Beedrill, and end the slaughter.
    She uses Fury Attack a couple of times, while enduring this pokemon's annoying chatter, and finally ends the bird's pitiful existence.
    Falkner, why did you even catch this thing??

    Next is Farfetch'd; in this hack he is a Fighting/Flying type. Needless to say, my Hoothoot has a big advantage, and using Hypnosis and Air Cutter, Farfetch'd is brought down with ease.

    Now all Falkner has left is Pidgeotto. Scary, but it's 4 against one.
    I do not want to lose Duelista yet, and send her back in favour of Hoothoot.
    I use a Potion on Duelista on the first turn Keibriados is out. Keibriados is dead in one hit of Tackle...
    I send out Sandshrew, and start using Defense Curl until Pidgeotto's aerial ace doesn't scare me anymore. It takes 3 potions to make this strategy work.
    Almalexia then starts using scratch against Pidgeotto, and she do manages to damage him a bit, but she takes a critical hit the turn after and is left with only 7 hp.
    I decide to send out Drifloon to heal my Sandshrew a bit, and the poor balloon pokemon gets one shotted by a critical aerial ace...
    Duelista is my only hope now... She uses Bug Bite on Pidgeotto, eating his berry and regaining some health, while bringing the bird down to less than half health.

    My Beedrill then endures aerial ace aaaaaand... I win with Twinneedle! Yay! I did it, but I lost 4 pokemons...

    I used a total of 6 potions during this fight.
    Farewell Keibriados the Hoothoot, Glorx Vloq the Drifloon, Psyche the Spinda and Ilsuiw the Poliwag.