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    No contest. I've played them all and gen 5 starts are the worst.

    Emboar - slow, frail *even with that 110 base hitpoints*, and naturally only learns 1 fighting move (which is terrible) even though he is half fighting. Smog is terrible and I can't imagine anyone actually learning it @lvl 20. I'm just so annoyed that they made ANOTHER fire/fighting type starter. It's a slower version of blaziken with a terrible move pool and more hitpoints. The 60 base speed is annoying even with flame charge boosts since you have to use a turn charging if you want to have a chance to outspeed most opponents and his frail 65 base defensives don't allow him to take hits well at all. I'd drop him for darmaniton for a physical fire type and chandelure for special.

    Serperior - The best unova starter in my opinion but has his own short comings. As a pure grass he is open to a lot of weaknesses but was gifted with decent defenses and not subjected to 4x weakness like many grass double typings are. His attacks are both equally low leaving the direction of moves up to the user but most would go with a physically defensive set because he does learn coil as his only natural dmg boosting ability. He can learn both swordstance and calm mind from TM but calm mind isn't obtainable until late into the game. He is my favorite of gen V but he could have used either another form of defensive or statis/support indusing ability that many grass types have. I feel they should make a push toward either physical or special attack but apparently they want to leave both options open. I used him physically in my play through with coil and leaf blade. Overall his speed and decent defenses make him a good option even if using him feels stallish/boring with his low 75 base attack stats.

    Samurott - Rather bland with his stat distribution and pure water typing. Not a bad pokemon but nothing stands out from him either. It's a bit confusing how to go with him attack wise. His special is slightly higher but he learns a lot of physical attacks AND sword stance at lvl 57. With a poor special defense and speed he is open to threats from grass/electic types even though from appearances he should be defensive. Should have probably been a physical attacker with slightly better defenses. I can think of plenty of water types I would replace him with once they became available.

    Generation 3 had the best starters in my opinion and gen. 4 wasn't much worse (I loved empolean...only water/steal pokemon yet and although he was slow the typing was just so good!). NOTHING from generation 5 starters makes me want to hold onto them. It's a strange feeling after so many years of playing to just straight up replace your starter with something more preferrable while playing through.

    3 > 4 > 1 > 2 >> 5 if I had to rank them all together.
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