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    Well, the thread has turned into a monologue but I feel like keeping this alive anyways. It would be nice if someone else replied however :D

    I almost lost my interest in making this hack because I wasn't able to carry out certain tasks I had planned, one of them being able to edit map connections.
    However, recently I got motivated into taking a look at that kind of stuff again although I had no plans on being able to succeed or anything - figuring out the structure (even with simple documentations) is really that difficult.

    But guess what, I learned to do it :D
    Now that I've passed that obstacle, it's natural for me to move on to doing different things like mapping and scripting the following areas.

    So stay tuned for more updates !
    It shouldn't take too long to put something new up :)

    Actually, I could show you the new layout of West-Suden.
    I made this because the old one looked kinda boring and by editing map connections, I wouldn't have to put the areas in a similar way to G/S/C.

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