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Originally Posted by Manio View Post
This looks great, and I'm really liking Hydrake. Can't wait to see more!
Thank you! >w<
I'm really glad people are starting to like mah Hydrake! However, even as his creator, he's still too derpy lookin' for me to choose.

Originally Posted by Hourglasshero View Post
Amazing Job Elaynii!
Really digging the whole thing!
sprites do need a bit of work but i love what u have so far!
Thank you, Hari!
I'm glad you like my game~ n_n
And yes, I am aware that the sprites need a bit of work, especially with their color schemes. They're too dark, as you have said, multiple times. xD; Anyways, I'll eventually fix them.

Originally Posted by flamemaster View Post
when i saw hydrake i immediatly thought, "OHMYGAWD, i have to choose that as a starter!"
Well, once I decide what the starter event is going to be and release a demo, you'll be able to choose your own Hydrake! I'm debating on releasing a demo once you defeat either of the Gym Leaders (Wyatt and Electra, for those who didn't know,) in Jager City.
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