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Okay, guys!
It's time for an update or two! Don't you all agree? I think so.

First and foremost..
I have FINALLY added a semi-decent story along with the folklore of the region as well. The entire region itself has also been enlarged to make it more ... explorable. Is that a word? If not, it is now.

Second, I have began to work on the VS. Sprites for the Gym Leaders!
Wyatt, Electra and Ire have not been started. Folia and Buck are done. Torri and Aero have been started. Desputa and Phaze are being revamped. Also, if you all haven't noticed, Litera-sure has kindly touched up Folia's sprite!

Finally, the legendary trio of the Azelon region are being designed as we speak.. Well, not really. They'll be up soon though!

EDIT: I have added the names of the legendary trio of the region; Theemos (Hate), Astulua (Love), and Alithma (Truth). Also, a poll for you all..

Should Ironed Heart have animated Fakémon?

Leave your answer(s) in your reply! DON'T FORGET TO REPLY!
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