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Originally Posted by jashan345 View Post
how do I get my 8th badge? I only have 5 badges
Eh... what? o.O How can you have only 5 badges and be in HQ...?

Originally Posted by Hab View Post
Yes, there are a few bugs and glitches in this hack, but it's still the most fun pokemon game I've ever played. It's often quite hard (My pokemon are often like 20 lvls below my opponents :P). I have one more problematic issue, though: Scald. Does it have the possibility of burn? It's supposed to have a 30% burn chance, but I don't ever get one. It's kind of weird, cause another move you ported from the newer games, Zen Headbutt, has the flinchchance (Actually, maybe the flinch-rate is a bit too high? My Victini with Serene Grace is supposed to have like 40% chance, but it often seems more like 100% :P).
Zen Headbutt HAS 100% flinch rate which is pretty cool because it gives you at least little advantage over OP Pokémon your opponents have ;)
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