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Posted June 1st, 2019
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Ok that was an odd series of events. I'm 95% wrong about Rabinov, who just called out GP and executed him. So he's most likely Marth, yeah? I don't know if it's reasonable to assume that there is evil Ike in this game, but I think we should be putting pressure on those who don't vote because it could be easy to determine and out a potential evil Ike. Though he can take another person down with him as he dies (which should mean that neither Lulu nor GP were evil Ike, right?). If there is evil Ike, then the suspicion goes onto jd, Juno, Doof, Syn, Bard, and EC/Desi since they didn't vote last night.

I also just realized that I read the Cult ability incorrectly because it's people who visit the cult guy not the other way around. I say this because I was going to say "looks like no cult" but then I realized how it works. Also sorry if I seem crazy for putting so much emphasis on the cult, it's just that I think I'd feel cheated if someone won like that.