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So, I have another gun. That makes two guns. Whoever is sending me guns, I advise that you stop, I'm finding it very hard to restrain myself.

EDIT: first off, my condolences to 5qwerty and Juno. I couldn't resist. Blame Pecilia, it was probably him again. I was tempted to shoot you again for old time's sake, but I figured I'd keep you around for the constant supply of guns. Thanks much.

So, back to my victims. Given their attitudes towards Aldo and gimmepie, they seemed like the most likely suspects. 5qwerty cautiously defended gimmepie, while attempting to fend off Rabinov, and had consistently townread gimmepie before. Juno was heavily townread by gimmepie despite the attempt to overturn the Luluwagon, and townread him in return. Therefore, I diagnose you two with dead. You have Nakuzami hours to live (or about a week in real time).

My biggest townreads at this point go to Rabinov, who's obviously good-Marth at this point, Superjolt, who's driving much of the dialogue, Charlie Brown for siding with Rabi.

EC is one of my other scumreads for just hopping on the bandwagon late, but there's very little else to go off of, and his vote wasn't super late. Plus, he's hardly said anything since. I'm also wary of L'Belle for some pro-Juno sentiment expressed, but we'll see if my guns validate my point.

Neurtral reads on everyone else, this dialogue's been a bit muddy aside from the obvious standouts of 5q, Juno & Rabi. Here's hoping I was right on at least one of them so you know I'm sided with the light.

DOUBLE EDIT: and... I just found out that I don't get to kill Juno. I get one shot per day. Welp. Guess I'll have to use my vote then.

Also, ##Vote Juno
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