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Love how GP was the first vote to vote his teammate and proving his 1st point in his previous post.
Town reading Rabi for analysing and sniffing out a scum. Jolt for being active and putting out substance instead of trying to latch onto others finds. Josh for his well assessed reads. Bard cause our town reads just match. I was going to reveal my role but you beat me to it so I'll hold it for today. One rr enough for a phase. JD since GP was really out for him.

If only bard had shot Juno instead of 5q my confusion about l'belle would have vanished. I know we don't know Juno's alignment but GP was hard defending them and I can totally see GP doing something like that. So, I'm sus of Juno and lebelle for now ( since they defended them too) Beside that I think there is at least one more mafia in previous day JD wagon. Some of you mentioned meteroid but IDK he seems like new player to me still keeping an eye on him. Scum read on Pecillia, I've read thread 2 times and there was nothing noticeable by them. They seem like syn, blending in crowd.
Null read on Doof 1 post so far they seem busy. But showed that they support Juno.
Juno's death may shed some light into everyone's reads since they're connected to them. If I've to vote for someone I'll go for Pecillia.