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Posted February 19th, 2016
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Hi everyone! I'm here again to show you the progress of mi hack. Let's see:

1) "New Pickages" news

First of all, i have changed the system.
Now, we can get 3 pickages: Rhyhorn, Rhydon and Beedrill.
Before that, Rhydon Pickage was better than Rhyhorn, but now, it have been changed, each one has their own features.
That features are "Durability", "% of Pokémon appearance", and "% of Shiny Pokémon appearance".
You will choose the pickage you like more.
The "Beedrill Pickage" can be broken.

2) New Pokédex

I have inserted a new pokédex. I had problems with the Pokédex because on my hack, I mix Pokémon of the three first generations, and the National Dex is too ugly.
I don't tell u how many Pokémon will be on my hack, but I can show a scan.

3) New Headbutt system.

I have add a new system of Headbutt.
I have done that only one pokémon with a certain nature can do that movement against the trees.
My hack has a lot of trees, so this movement only can be used against smaller ones.
As you can see, there are 2 different trees, brown and green.
The green trees can throw different pokémon, and the brown ones, items.

The pokémon and items thrown deppends of the places you will do that.

4) New maps.

My favorite part of the rom hacking, the maps.
I have added a lot of maps, but this is very repetitive, so I am going to show you the new tiles I have inserted. The beach ones.

Credits: Alucus
The minisprite is very broken, I know xD.

5) I have translate the movements using ChangKhan patch.


Shinx = I love to have more than one kind, for give him more beauty. Thanks for your comment ^^

And that's all, I hope that you know to appreciate all the work it takes, because for an inexperienced person like me is so much, and nothing else, we see you! ^^