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Alpha 4.4 is up, once again focused on polishing some minor errors in the game.

will there be any difficulty updates? maybe some music patches with songs from FR/LG? :)
As of right now, no. I think the difficulty is fine as it is, especially with the Gym Leader rematches and the upgraded teams added for the post-credit Pokemon League Challenge. There is still a lot for me to learn before moving onto music hacking, but some of the legendaries in the game do use the FR/LG encounter music (like the legendary bird trio and Clebi) :)

What I'm looking to do next is probably add some ASM routines when I get the time to learn how to insert them into the game. (like the BW repel system) And when MrDollSteak finishes with his patch I'll be taking a stab at re-implementing animated sprites.

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