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Thing is that if it happens to be a Generation 8 Pokemon that is being shielded from view, doesn't anyone find it odd that they won't do a movie involving the Generation 7 cast of characters?
Maybe its possible its that, but unlikely. I feel like it may have to do with a lack of story, S/M anime is pretty involved with the legendaries from what I can tell (I've only seen a few episodes). The anime seems be covering Nebby, the cover duo, movie 20 did marshadow, the ultrabeast. Zeraora seems plausible considering Marshadow in movie 21, although that doesnt seem to be gen 8 and too big for that scene.

Really the only S/M movie I can see would be about Necrozma / Ultra Necrozma, maybe even a bit of that place in usum like movie 10 with the reverse world, but idk. Maybe he is being covered in the anime later on as well.

You also have to remember they're celebrating the 20th aniversary. So movie 20 was expected (although they only did a special for 10 years). 21 seems like a bit of a suprise but also maybe a sequel to 20 since they've been celebrating both the 1st and 2nd gens (like the virtual console release of g/s/c).