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It honestly depends for me. Different castings of characters have different goals to attain in making it a strong cast and some that would work in one story, don't work in another.

Some of the casts I tend to like are the ones that tend to interact/play off each other well. This can range from teasing to actual deep conversations. I like a cast that shows their "cast" mentality while still retaining their individual characters.

Course a split cast is something else I do enjoy. Going into different directions or goals and seeing how each of them impact the other tends to be interesting in amount of possibilities and stuff you go on.

Course, I honestly enjoy the "sibling" cast where some of if not all the cast cut up and do things in what you'd call "casual" like you'd do with siblings. I gives that sense of relaxation in watching bickering or team work the way you'd expect siblings to.

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