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Originally Foul Play was supposed to be about only eight chapters and I was about to have Grimsley's stay much more fast paced than now. However, I realized I was pushing several events in one chapter, so I'm slowing things down. Recently I'm redoing my outline, and while still not fully complete I have the events more or less thought up, and looks like it'll be close to 20 chapters now, oops.

Another couple fun non-spoilerly facts:

-All of Grimsley's Pokemon I named them after anything relating to gambling/game of chance. Queen (Bisharp), Dice (Scrafty), Blackjack (Sharpedo), Roulette (Absol), and Raz (Liepard).
-Kukui's Incineroar is nicknamed Chavo. I got that name from the Mountain Goats song, "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero" from their 2015 album Beat the Champ!

Foul Play
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