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In most regions in my universe, it is traditional for new trainers to begin their journey with a Fire, Water or Grass type but this is a practice that has fallen further and further out of use over the years, leading to a much more diverse range of starters.

What makes Sigia a bit more unique in that regard, is that in the rural mountains where Eloy is from, the traditional type trio is different to the rest of the region and is actually Ground, Ice and Steel to better reflect their surroundings and the kinds of Pokemon available in that ecosystem. Didn't stop Eloy starting with a Nidoran anyway lol.

To make things interesting for those who have read a bit further into my story currently, here's a tally of how many Pokemon each of the prominent characters has.
Eloy - 2
Layla - 3
Gwen - 3
Lauren - 3
??? - 3