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    Yes, but before we need to create tool for this.

    And R/S/E capture : Freeze
    FR/LG capture : OK (with not entries)
    What do you mean: "(with not entries)"? Do you mean that there just isn't any pokedex entries?

    Btw, those offsets you posted are for the cries right?

    Is it possible to edit/add a new trainer into uNLZ? Because that's kinda what I wanted to insert but I got a Pokemon instead lol
    Well, it's easy enough to add the graphic to the rom with UNLZ, and it's easy to create a new trainer with PET (or some variant), there's plenty of empty trainer entries in a rom. The problem is I don't know how to assign the picture to the trainer. I'll run some tests tonight and see if I can figure something out;

    Btw, speaking of the pokedex earlier, does anyone know how to edit the part of the pokedex in FRLG that lets one go through entries by the habitat of the pokemon? I'm saying, if one added pokemon to the ?????????? spots, would there be some way to add them to the habitat part also?

    Also, on the subject of adding pokemon, does anyone know how to repoint the learned moves list of pokemon? That is, if one added a pokemon, they wouldn't be abled to tell it to learn moves unless they deleted some that already exist for other pokemon. (Same situation for egg moves, which I'm working on... slowly...)
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