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    Shadow Adler

    Shadow was still curled up, still resting against the outside of the shack. He didn't dare take out his headphones and be greeted by either the sounds of movement which are bound to scare him, or silence. Pikachu was still on the roof, Shadow tried to think back. 'Did he actually see the man enter the shack, or just walk by?' He kept on giving himself this question, but he could never think of a definite answer.
    Shadow froze completely, he held his breath afraid to move the smallest bit. He saw something, a shadow, it was in the distance though so Shadow thought he was safe. But within the next 30 minuets the shadow got closer, it took the shape of a man. Shadow panicked, he snuck into the cabin and hid behind a chest of draws his Bass case rest underneath it. He forgot to see if the man was in there. But he had something else to think, was there actually a shadow, was it a person? Shadow knew that a group of objects together makes a convincing shadow. Why was it getting closer? Was it one of the trainers? Could it be the person form the mans 'there going to kill me' mutters. Would they bother checking a small shack? Would they bother looking behind a chest of draws?
    Yet, Shadow couldn't think through these question properly, he had an edge of unease. Something wasn't right. 'Damn it I left Pikachu on the roof' he said in his head. Guilt took over, he no longer worried if someone attacked him, he just thought of Pikachu just above him on the roof, maybe he is scared? Or he might just run? 'I am a useless trainer' Shadow thought 'Letting Nip faint to catch a pokemon, and then I leave that pokemon to save myself'

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