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Silent Memento, you're right. I've been thinking like a mixture of Kester and Puck for a long time now, and the sudden shift to a completely different sort of character has rather thrown me, I must admit; that's the sort of basic error I really ought to have caught as I was writing it. Gah. Anyway, I've fixed it now. Sort of.

(This is also why people like me, who absorb the characters they create and half-become them for a while, should probably wait more than two hours after finishing one story to start another. My mind has to clear properly.)

Your reaction to Ashley is exactly what I'd hoped for, which is excellent. He's annoying as hell, but sort of likeable at the same time.

Iago is an interesting one; I have a lot of fun planned for him later on, which may or may not involve institutional racism. I've always wanted to explore the relationship between Kadabra and humans, which I imagine is pretty fractured.

And Liza... well, if I told you about her, that would completely defeat the point of her subplot. For, as in my last work, almost every character in this tale has their own story to tell, and hers is large and sort of sad.

As for a Kinder Egg, Google them. They're nowhere near as sinister as you think. Regrettably, I share Tristan's addiction to them, which means I have a large bag full of worthless plastic toys that I have an irrational attachment to.