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Is someone going to ultimately compile all of these into a rombase of sorts, so that we lower-level/recreational hackers can also enjoy the new moves (and so more experienced hackers don't need to worry about inserting and repointing each time they start a hack).

This is all very impressive work - keep it up!
That's certainly a possibility, but to be honest it's not the greatest priority at the moment. Because most of these moves are really quite easy to insert. The tutorials themselves are brilliant, so it would seem like a waste to put them all into a patch. Additionally the problem with making it a patch is that the offsets may overwrite the work of a hacker depending on where they put their routines or scripts.

Try the Power Gem on my original post again. I just copied it wrong. Nice Dragon Pulse, but I feel it might look better with palette 00 20 28, but that's just my opinion. Oh yeah! I found my old tilesets, but they looks pretty ugly so I'm going to redo them probably
Will do! 'm up for changing it because I thought it was a tad dark myself as well, it does fit the purple though. I'll try 20 28 and tell you what I think. Hrm that's a pity I'm sure they were alright. I found a list on Serebii somewhere with all the Gen 4 backgrounds. Give it a google :)

EDIT: Power Gem looks great. 20 28 not so much. A6 stays. Dragon Pulse is supposed to be a lightish purple, but since I couldn't find one I guess it should stay dark.