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Full Name: Dahlia Angstrom
Age/DOB: 20 / October 2nd
Sexuality: Straight

Originally hailing from Camphrier Town, Dahlia had a happy childhood. Living in a small but cozy house in the city center of the quiet town, she could enjoy long days of playing outside with their family Furfrou. Her parents were not rich, but they made enough to live a comfortable life; George, her father, was a (relatively succesful) painter, and her mother Margaret worked as a teacher at Santalune's Trainer's School.
Dahlia generally did well in school, and picked up violin lessons, initially because of her mother's urges. But as her skill increased, so did her joy, and eventually she became an avid player. When she got older, she got a job at the Camphrier Hotel as a waitress, and continued studying after high school to become an archaeologist. Now, in her elective period, Dahlia decided to travel through the Kalos region to examine its archaeologic and architectural wonders for her thesis.

Dahlia is a gentle, soft-spoken girl who generally dislikes unnecessary conflict. However, she is not one to shy away from a Pokémon battle, should the opportunity arise. She is not an Ace Trainer, but she enjoys fighting alongside her Pokémon, and likes to think of herself as an okay battler. Also, despite her calm demeanor, she is not timid when it comes to voicing her opinion. Though she thinks she is quite mature, from time to time even Dahlia has her childish moments: she can be stubborn or selfish at times, but also quick to apologize upon realizing she did something wrong.

  • 5 Pokéballs
  • 5 Potions, 3 Super Potions
  • 5 Pecha Berries, 5 Cheri Berries
  • 2 Repels
  • Voice Recorder


Marie came to Dahlia as a leftover Egg from the Day Care just outside town, when Dahlia was still very young. Her very first Pokémon.
Nature: Modest
Ability: Drought
Moves: Flame Burst, Confuse Ray, Quick Attack, Will O'Wisp

Plumpy, called so despite being a Small-sized Pumpkaboo, was encountered by Dahlia on a school expedition to the Lost Hotel.
Nature: Timid
Ability: Pickup
Moves: Astonish, Leech Seed, Destiny Bond, Razor Leaf

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