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Welcome to the Mangalo Region! Here we have many different pokemon! Ranging from small to big, slow to fast, and everything in between! Why are you here you ask? Well very few are chosen to come here. We do that so the peacefulness of this region can stay a float. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t battle and have a good time. There is even gym leaders and a pokemon league to compete in! Also a few islands to hang out and explore too, with their own little challenge for extra fun. Just don’t go to Team Disasters island, that is where their base is. Very dangerous to go there. So come on down and relax, and have a fun time. Oh and don’t worry about that weird feeling you get when you come here, it won’t affect you at all.

Thats the premise pretty much. Sounds like the regular TV show and game but does anyone wanna rp in this?