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    Originally Posted by Disturbed View Post
    *Spies Alistairs unavailable tiles*
    Well, besides that, the hack looks really nice, though I hope you'd finish King of Sea.
    Best of luck, Dante!
    Thank you man :)
    as it regards the tileses of Alistair (if I'm not wrong me..)
    they can be used..
    this is the screen...

    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    The story is... hanging... It's like you only showed us the intrtro of the story. :\
    But it sounds exciting. :)

    The screenies look really nice though. :)

    Anyways, best of luck with this hack~
    thank you friend ;)
    thanks for your post..
    I'm very happy that you like my hack :D

    Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
    Cool! A Dante production!

    Anyway, most of the grammar in the Pics are OK,
    but I spy very little grammar mistakes in Pic 9, Pic 16 and Pic 19.

    Pic 9: It should be: Hey you! Stop right there! That is my backpack!
    Pic 16: It should be: Now you can't escape from me anymore!
    Pic 19: It should be: Hey Landon! Have you brought my bag?
    Dante production??
    Yes I like it ^^
    however thank you very much brother!!
    Your help it's really important for me!
    I know that in my hack there are many grammar errors ^^"
    thank you for having corrected for me the sentences;)

    Originally Posted by Pippo_94 View Post
    Sorry, I forgot to translate it. I translate (if I can do it well) now:

    "Excellent work, Dante! I think that your hack is very good...when you're going to release an Italian version?"
    another Italian hacker? ^^
    Thank you very much friend..
    but for the italian version you will have to wait a lot..
    becouse in the my old hack King of Sea (in Italian language) I had received a lot of request of translation..
    this time I have decided to directly create my hack in English..
    even if this gives me some problems XD


    this is the video of the first script of my hack..
    it's a very simple script.. however it is the first one... and therefore it is correct to devote him a video..
    also because there is a man that will be very important in the history of the hack ^^
    there is the video

    I hope that you like it ^^