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Posted June 20th, 2019
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So, I've run into an issue when working on my project. I believe this is the right place to post it, so here goes.
How I produced the error:
When I go to one of my maps, called "Development Map A", there's a side of the map that, if I walk into, will produce the error code as shown below. I have a video provided in case my explanation wasn't sufficient enough.
Error Code:

Exception: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `*' for nil:NilClass
Game_Character_1:197:in `screen_z'
Sprite_Character:131:in `update_or'
PerspectiveTilemap:430:in `shadow_update'
Shadow:179:in `update'
Sprite_Character:37:in `perspectivetilemap_initialize'
PerspectiveTilemap:424:in `shadow_initialize'
Shadow:152:in `initialize'
Spriteset_Map:169:in `new'
Spriteset_Map:169:in `_animationSprite_initialize'
Spriteset_Map:168:in `each'

Hopefully somebody knows how to help, as it is mildly impeding progress.
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