Seen October 27th, 2013
Posted December 23rd, 2012
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I keep getting this error when I run playtest through rpg maker.
Exception: NameError
Message: undefined local variable or method `oldrecord' for nil:NilClass
Compiler:1104:in `pbCompileMoves'
Compiler:1086:in `pbCompilerEachPreppedLine'
Compiler:581:in `each_line'
Compiler:581:in `pbCompilerEachPreppedLine'
Compiler:578:in `open'
Compiler:578:in `pbCompilerEachPreppedLine'
Compiler:1086:in `pbCompileMoves'
Compiler:3772:in `pbCompileAllData'
When i run it through the 'game' application in the DS Essentials folder, it works fine.
I gather it's something to do with compiling data, but I'm hopeless at this sort of thing.
What can I do to fix it?