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Hah, yeah, I know, not in the Game Dev section this time around. I've renewed my appreciation in Rom hacks thanks to playing LaZ and Zeikku's Liquid Crystal. But anyways, yeah, this is my first time back here in years.

Anyways, yeah, Link would be a tamer of sorts. I'm not sure exactly how that could go down in the storyline, as he wouldn't be fighting as himself and he'd be using some sort of variant of a Pokeball, but should be many ways to do this. (Maybe bottles, like when you capture the Deku Princess? Just kidding haha, but suggestions are appreciated.)

As for villains and rivals, Zelda is FULL of characters... shouldn't be hard either. And the legendaries can be the bosses... or depending on how people feel about it, maybe even Din, Farore and Nayru as the BIG Legendaries.


I have stuff to do, but working on Moosh from the Oracle games now. Think of a Snorlax who can learn Fly hahaha

Actually, there may be a different system to fly than the move.
If I can get an ocarina to work.