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Posted August 4th, 2019
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It's been a while to see a RP with a darker premise, despite most RPs abound right now are rated as M anyway.

Though yes, I do have two questions in mind:
1. Do they who previously turned into Pokémon, now reverted into their human form retain their abilities or do they lose them forever? This include the ability to understand their speech, using superpower, or any other possible quirk worth mentioning.

2. In conjunction, is it also possible to restore former humans back?

I've always liked anything with an actual direction, but not limited to sandboxes too. Overall, your idea has gotten my support. Since you're saying that you will not create the RP unless it gets sufficient interest, I think I'll have to say that you'll make it happen. Do I sound like I'm forcing somebody though? Oh well, I'll be looking forward for this.
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