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Sounds interesting, but there are a lot of question marks here.

Are there wild pokmon in the rest of the world? Since pokmon training is specifically prohibited in our region.

How do they transform humans into pokmon? Is this secret for now and part of the plot? I'd like for you to have figured it out at least, even if you don't tell the players c:

How did the religious leaders come into power, how come they control the region so harshly?

What makes a couple of slaves think they can have a chance to take down a nation?
1. Yes, the rest of the world does have Pokemon. But this will not really be relevant in the RP. Unless something happens later on to change that.

2. They use an ancient machine to transform people into Pokemon. Can't really say anymore than that.

3. How the religion got control of the region? That is something that the players won't be finding out until later. Spoilers.

4. Why not? It's either that or live a terrible life. They can join up with other resistance groups around the region, who live in the fringes and barely avoid detection. So it won't just be them trying to go against the region.

It is an interesting scenario that could go off in several directions should the plot take us that way.

Don't really have any questions aside from where the legendaries would have gone during this eradication. but id assume that would be plot stuff so its not really a problem
Legendary Pokemon just left the region after seeing what humans did to it. I don't really want to involve them in the plot as I feel they are an overdone trope in Pokemon.

Oh, that's a much more interesting reason to be a human-turned-pokemon. I like this.

What kind of sacred laws does the region have? You know, so I can start pondering backstory for such a player character. Namely, what their crime was, and therefore what their lifestyle was.

I'm glad you included "or their descendants" in the OP, that makes a lot of sense and not everyone would think to include it. There could be a lot of generations that that just happens, you're born of Pokemon so you never were human yourself, but at the same time you're not exactly a natural wild Pokemon...
There are four of them. They will be listed in the first post as well, but I suppose I can list them here:
  • The First Law - "Man and Pokemon are to be separate. True Beasts [the Hylic] are not to be tamed, but instead subjugated, so that the True People can ascend into The Elect."

    The absolutely most important law. Do not interact with Pokemon in any way. Don't touch one, don't look at one, nothing. And especially, do not train them at any costs.

  • The Second Law - "It is every Sanctics responsibility to follow the will of Norea. Do not shirk that responsibility or follow false Gods."

    Stay away from heretics, from any upstarts who try to defy the will of Sanctic. And especially. don't rebel yourself or join any of those pesky resistance groups.

  • The Third Law - "Conflict is the will of a fearful, tainted soul. Those who are corrupted by it are True Beasts [Hylics]."

    Don't cause death, violence, or destruction.

  • The Fourth Law - "The people of Sanctic are a spiritual collective, consciousnesses and hearts bound for all of eternity. Those who attempt to sever the bond surrender harmony to the chaos of the Hylic."

    Everyone's got to wear an emblem on their clothes. Absolutely do not tear it off more than three times. You've heard the reason they're so strict about this one is because they're using that symbol to keep track of people at all times.

It's been a while to see a RP with a darker premise, despite most RPs abound right now are rated as M anyway.

Though yes, I do have two questions in mind:
1. Do they who previously turned into Pokmon, now reverted into their human form retain their abilities or do they lose them forever? This include the ability to understand their speech, using superpower, or any other possible quirk worth mentioning.

2. In conjunction, is it also possible to restore former humans back?

I've always liked anything with an actual direction, but not limited to sandboxes too. Overall, your idea has gotten my support. Since you're saying that you will not create the RP unless it gets sufficient interest, I think I'll have to say that you'll make it happen. Do I sound like I'm forcing somebody though? Oh well, I'll be looking forward for this.
1. They do not retain any abilities they had as a Pokemon. However, I will note that people in this region do have the ability to use TM discs by inserting them into machines, to make up for the lack of Pokemon on the surface. So they still have access to special powers as long as they have their machine.

2. We'll have to find that out in the roleplay, won't we?

It would appear that there is indeed sufficient interest. I am still ironing out my own character form/the lore information, so if anyone else still has interest, they can feel free to express it whilst I get all of this sorted out. As I'm also contemplating between here and another forum.