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Oh good, that gives a lot of room for possible backstory reasons. I mean, even the first rule could have happened in so many ways!

So we get to pick our Pokemon yeah? But in-universe, how is it determined what Pokemon a person turns into, is that up to the person operating the ancient machine? If you can't answer this for plot reasons that's fine.

I'm assuming/hoping there will be no limits on age in our player characters? People from all walks of life getting turned into Pokemon that is.

How are you planning to handle combat?
Yeah, that was the idea when I thought of the laws. I wanted to make sure they were a vague enough framework that one could have many possibilities.

1. Yes, you get to pick your Pokemon. As for how it's determined in-universe, it isn't really something I consider a super relevant detail to the plot. It's just determined by what your character's type affinity was as a human, and what fits their personality the most.

2. Minimum age limit is 17. This is when they consider someone to have become an adult. Before that, if you break the rules, they won't punish you harshly, as you're just a child that doesn't know any better. However, they will react more harshly if your character broke the rules continuously in their youth, and then broke them again as an adult, putting them in worse conditions than the others.

3. I don't know really know exactly how the typical RP goes on here, but I tend to be very loose and casual, and I don't like to control too much as the DM. So I don't really want to make an elaborate setup for combat. People just fight each other like they would normally post, and determine the results amongst themselves. That includes any fights with me, the DM.