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    Fire Red Normal Monotype Challenge Update #2
    ~ ~

    -Caught in Route 3
    -Went into Mt Moon, fought the trainers there and caught
    -Taught MEGA KICK
    -Taught MEGA PUNCH
    -Defeated rival
    - evolved into
    -Defeated trainers along Route 24/25
    -Defeated Cerulean Gym
    -Taught WATER PULSE
    -Taught DIG
    -Decided was too much of a burden so I PC'ed him
    Badges: 2/8

    The Team:

    Male, Lvl18, Keen Eye, Naive
    Gust, Sand Attack, Tackle Quick Attack
    Female, Lvl19, Cute Charm, Naughty
    Pound, Mega Punch, Sing, Dig
    Female, Lvl20, Cute Charm, Lax
    Pound, Mega Kick, Encore, Water Pulse
    HM Slave

    NecrumWarrior, could you please re-post the "normal monotype challenger" sig? I was using it and then it vanished :'(