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    I've been playing Platinum, White and Crystal at the same time, and I got my third badge in all three. Next update will include all three up to the sixth badge.

    - I beat Gardenia. :)
    Difficulty: 1/10
    - No trouble at all,just used Flame Wheel, OHKOing all of her Pokemon.
    - Played in the Underground and eventually found a Fire Stone.
    - I beat the Glactic Building thing in Eterna, and beat Jupiter with very little trouble.
    - I took a long trip and eventually making it to Hearthome, I obtained, and immediately evolved it to a.
    - I just beat Fantina withbecause I'm too lazy to train against wild pokemon right now, I'll trainwith the trainers on Route 209.
    Difficulty: 3/10
    - Fantina's kept using Psybeam, so I had a little bit of trouble.


    Monferno Lv.34
    - Scratch
    - Leer
    - Flame Wheel
    - Mach Punch

    Flareon Lv.21
    - Tackle
    - Return
    - Sand-Attack
    - Growl

    - I started with, and beat my rivals, a lot of talking, blah blah blah.
    - They kept on talking so I was tapping the a button and eventually made it to Accumula.
    - I beat N with no problem and eventually made it to Striaton City after a bunch of talking and battles.
    - I beat Bianca, Cheren and Cress.
    Difficulty: 6/10
    - Cress was hard with his Work Up spammed Water Gun from.
    -Went west and beat Cheren,evolved intoafter the battle.
    - I beat the Plasma grunts in Wellspring Cave, and made my way to Nacrene.
    - I went straight to the gym, beat N, did Lenora's puzzle, and beat her.

    - Not much trouble, just a little due to Retaliate, but I eventually won with spammed Arm Thrusts.
    - I went to Pinwheel Forest, avoiding most of the trainers.
    - Ran through Skyarrow Bridge and made it to Castelia, the first thing I did was run to Route 4 and caught .
    - I went back to Pinwheel Forest and beat all the trainers to train.
    Difficulty: 1/10
    - I had no trouble because of's Fire Punch.


    Pignite Lv.26
    - Smog
    - Rollout
    - Flame Charge
    - Arm Thrust

    Darumaka Lv.26
    - Incinerate
    - Uproar
    - Fire Punch
    - Facade

    - Started withand did the beginning stuff.
    - After all thta, I continued to Route 30 and made my way to Violet City.
    - I went west to Route 36 and caught myself a .
    - I trained both in Sprout Tower, and challenged Falkner.
    Difficulty: 5/10
    - I had a lot of trouble because of Mud-Slap, I hate it so much, but I got Mud-Slap myself, so I'll troll my rival with it in Azelea. :)
    - I continued on to Route 32 and and beat everyone in it, and got to Union Cave.
    - On the way, evolved into.
    - I eventually made it to Azalea, and beat the Rocket Grunts in Slowpoke Well.
    - Got to the gym and challenged Bugsy.
    Difficulty: 2/10
    - I had a little bit of trouble, but that's because of me, I derped and tried to use Mud-Slap on Scyther.
    - I trolled my Rival(like I said above) with Mud-Slap, lowering Croconaw's Accuracy to -6, and spammed Quick Attack.
    - I went on with no problems, then went through Ilex Forest.
    - The first thing on Route 34 I did was get the Odd Egg, I kept SRing for , I eventually got him, and he was shiny. :D
    - I beat every trainer on the routes surrounding Goldenrod for exp.
    - After my team was around level 20, I challenged Whitney.
    Difficulty: 10/10
    - I had so much trouble with Whitney, I am NEVER doing a fire mono on GSC ever again.


    Quilava Lv.21
    - Quick Attack
    - Fury Cutter
    - Mud-Slap
    - Ember

    Growlithe Lv.19
    - Bite
    - Leer
    - Ember
    - Headbutt

    Magby Lv.19 ***SHINY***
    - Fire Punch
    - Thunderpunch
    - Dizzy Punch
    - Smog

    I did this quickly, so I may have a few mistakes.