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Originally Posted by rstevenson1976 View Post
I want to try the dream world so I went to the pokemon website and created an account. I login go to the global link then try to go to the dream world. it says I need a trainer account and tells me if I already have one then I have to log in from the main page. I do and return to the global link just to start all over again. wash rinse repeat, what the hell? am I missing something? I was going to post this in the main forum but I figured it would just get directed here with a warning anyway.
Good idea posting here :)

On the left side, if you wait a bit (kinda loads slow), you'll see a menu that appears, which lists "type your username" and password, or something along those lines (this is in global link btw), and login from there, you'll be auto-logged into the DW for that session. Kinda confusing but yeah :(

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