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    I did this a while ago when applying for a hack I was going to be in. Its my team, pretty much.
    Originally Posted by Cosmotone
    Preferred In-Game Name: Weston

    Trainer Type: Water
    Pokémon #1:
    Lanturn Item: Damp Rock
    Confuse Ray
    Volt Switch
    Hydro Pump
    Rain Dance

    Pokémon #2:
    Kingdra Item: White Herb
    Draco Meteor
    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam

    Pokémon #3:
    Kabutops Item: Focus Sash
    Rock Slide
    Aqua Tail
    Rock Polish

    Pokémon #4:
    Milotic Item: Lum Berry
    Ice Beam
    Dragon Pulse
    Light Screen

    Pokemon #5:
    Sharpedo Item: Choice Band
    Ice Fang
    Night Slash

    Pokémon #6:
    Empoleon Item: Air Balloon
    Ice Beam
    Flash Cannon
    Hydro Cannon
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