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    Originally Posted by gatarda View Post
    I have a question, because I have seen this picture:
    It's from late September, and it's posted by Team Fail. Thay said that it is your tool, and I found it nearly after it was posted. I see that you can view the entire map on the screen. This must be one of your beta stages, but I have missed this.
    What was this nice feature, and are you planning to reinsert this awesome stuff in a next beta? It would be very cool.
    That's not SDSME, and it never was like that (but I wish it were). That's a map matrix viewer someone else made.

    I have been looking for a better way to display matrices, and the only good result I ever got was a window that showed all the move permissions at once. However, it was slow, and HGSS sometimes crashed it. Showing multiple maps or at least buildings in 3D may be considered for a big version like 2.0.0, but it would take sometime as I'd have to write a new rendering code from scratch :)
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