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Chapter Five

After making sure that Ren was in perfect condition at the Accumula Town Pokemon Center, Brenda figured that a little sightseeing of the first town shed visited outside her own would be beneficial. She tried taking Ren by his hand, but he would just push hers away, so she gave up and only made sure that he was following where she went.

Just next to the Pokemon Center was a small park with two benches, where three kids of around six were playing catch with a lillipup.

What do you say, Ren? Do you want to play catch?

Ren turned away, and growled.

I guessed so, she shrugged, and stuck her tongue out.

They went around the town, looking at the small brick buildings without actually going in.

Brenda talked with some people passing by, however, who gave her advice on starting her journey. A kind old man even gave her a pokeball as a gift! Accumula Towns people seemed to be kind, and Brenda felt as though she were just in an extension of her home town.

She also spotted a small cafe, which she promised Ren they would dine in for lunch.

When they were just about to complete their clockwise rotation of the town, which wasnt as big as she had imagined, they found a staircase that led to a house. The view from there was fantastic. The rosy trees that spread across the land, and far away she thought she could see a river flowing. Here and there, the trees would tremble, though it was not from the breeze - it was due to small pokemon jumping from branch to branch, finding newborn fruit to eat.

The aroma, coupled with music someone was playing on the piano, made spring, Brendas favorite season, all the more splendid.

Brenda and Ren came down after a good twenty minutes observing the view, and completed their sightseeing.

Now that we have our senses relaxed, lets go back to Route 1 and train a little. What do you say?

This time, Ren seemed to be invigorated by the proposal.

They ran all the way to the tall grass, and actively looked for a match.

Soon enough they ran into a pair of wild patrats.

Easy, Ren is a fighting type, so we have this match in our hands, Brenda whispered to herself. Ren, use Vacuum Wave!

However, when she thought he would attack, he instead received two tackles from his opponents. Then, gathering himself up from being pushed back, he plunged straight into one patrat and with the momentum, he also shoved the other. The two opponents fainted instantly.

Huh? Brenda needed a few seconds to understand what had happened. Meanwhile, Ren jumped up and down, celebrating his first victory.

Oh, you must have used Counter. Its also a fighting type move alright but you couldve avoided two tackles had you used priority move Vacuum Wave.

Brenda pouted, and Ren giggled at her face.

Come over, let me treat your wounds.

As Ren walked towards Brenda, however, he heard a bush rustle nearby. More concerned with a possible foe, Ren changed directions and jumped into the bush.

Ren, come back!

Come back, he did immediately, but not without company. A startled pidove was pecking all over his head, and the little Riolu could do nothing but run in circles.

Oh no, flying type attacks are super-effective against fighting types, Brenda said. Ren, come back! You cant fight in your condition.

Even then, Ren tried to punch the pigeon, missing each time and receiving pecks on his head instead.

Soon, Ren tripped over, and watched as the pidove retreated into the sky, only to come back at full force to deal its final blow. He closed his eyes, and braced himself for a shockwave of pain.

Ren! he only heard his name being called.

One second, two seconds passed, and yet the pain did not arrive.

Ren finally opened his eyes, and caught the pidove flying away with blood on its beak. In front of him, his trainer was sitting with a hand pressing the other arm, which was tainted in a spider web of blood.

Dont worry about me, she said, as she noticed Ren gazing at her arm in shock. We must get to the Pokemon Center to treat our wounds. I hope I dont scare people looking like this.

Brenda laughed, but the way her cheeks twitched gave away her pain.

Both of them stood up, and walked back to the center as fast as possible.

Nurse Joy was surprised to see them looking as though theyd gone to war. She had only seen them looking fresh a couple of hours ago.

My my, come here young lady. Lets stop your bleeding before anything, she said, and lent Brenda her arms for support.

They walked over to a small consulting room, and Nurse Joy asked Brenda to sit down. With skills polished over years of experience, the nurse applied a white ointment which smelt like mint over the wound, and then put a large bandage over it.

Im covering it for now to avoid infection, but once the blood clots you should remove it to allow the skin to repair itself.

Brenda nodded.

You have to be more careful. Human skin is more delicate that a pokemons. Dont over-exert yourself, alright?

Yes Nurse Joy, thanks for tending my wounds, Brenda smiled.

In the meanwhile, Ren had been guided by Nurse Joys partner, an Audino, to a separate, larger room with many pokemon. Two other Audinos were tending pokemons wounds with potions, full restores and full heals.

Since this time, Rens wounds were not mere scratches from being pushed down to the ground by his trainer, the treatment stung much more. Ren complained, but the Audino persisted, and did not give up until she had covered all his head and legs with bandages.

Once they were done, they came out to the waiting hall, where they found Nurse Joy and Brenda standing. At the sight of his trainer, however, Ren looked down to his feet, and walked forcefully. The girl ran over, and kneeled in front of him, careful not to touch him, lest she may cause him pain.

Oh Ren, look at those bandages! Do your wounds still hurt?

Ren did not make a sound, and did not raise his head.

Nurse Joy, Brenda called the lady, who was still behind her. I think Rens still in pain. He usually at least growls when I talk to him.

Nurse Joy squatted down to check Ren, but could not find a reason for residual pain. She then asked him again, whether he was in pain.

Ren slowly moved his head sideways, but still stationed it looking down.

Nurse Joy contemplated the Riolu with a hand to her chin.

I think hes not in pain, but he is depressed.

Brenda looked at her, surprised.

Depressed? Why? Then she thought again, and said, Oh, because he lost the battle against the pidove?

She looked back at Ren.

Dont worry, Ren. One has to lose, to become stronger and win the next time, she giggled. This was just practice. Well train hard, so we can win our first badge in Striaton City!

Her cheerfulness still wasnt infecting Ren.

Perhaps Ren is sad that he caused his trainer to get hurt, Nurse Joy commented.

As though he were affirming this, Ren let out a soft growl.

Brenda batted her eyes. For a minute or so, she also seemed to have turned into stone, much like her pokemon looked.

Um, Miss Brenda? even Nurse Joy had to call her.

Then, with no premonition whatsoever, she lunged at Ren and locked him into a tight embrace.

From where they stood, only Nurse Joy and Audino could see Rens blank expression over Brendas trembling shoulder.

Im so happy. Beyond happy, she said with a clouded voice. That youre concerned about me. Im glad we are starting to build our friendship.

She then let go of Ren, and wiped her eyes with a quick, rough movement of her hand.

I know this is only the beginning, but Ill eventually convince you that having a trainer is the best thing ever!

Nurse Joy and Audino smiled behind her, and Ren only looked at her with eyes that could be shining in admiration, but also seemed to be widened in disbelief.

From a corner of the Pokemon Center, a shadow only watched as the girl picked up her Riolu, and sat him over her shoulders.