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Chapter Six

In the next hour of training, Ren obeyed Brenda about 50% of the time - a dramatic increase, compared to the initial, which was zero percent.

Come on Ren, Brenda would complain. I studied Pokemon eight years of my life. Im not kidding when I say I know quite a bit about Pokemon battling.

Yet, Ren could not take her word for it. Not surprising, for how could a human know more about battling than a Pokemon who had until now battled in the wild?

At around midday, Brenda only realized it was perhaps time to have lunch when her stomach growled.

Cant go to war on an empty stomach. Ren, lets go eat.

Ren had finally won a battle against a pidgey just then, so he was in perfect mood to take a break. He ran after the youngster who skipped all the way to the restaurant they had found earlier.

The restaurant had a waiting list going, since midday was their peak hour, but Brenda did not wait standing for long, because there were some chairs in the entrance.

Sit here, Brenda tapped her tights, but Ren preferred to stay standing. I guess winning your trust wont be easy after all. Even then, dont think Ill give up. Im as stubborn as you, or more.

As she said that, one of Brendas old classmates happened to pass by, having finished lunch herself.

Oh, isnt this a surprise? Brenda isnt it, she said. I heard your class graduated last weekend. How is the life of a trainer treating you?

Annie, what a coincidence. Havent seen you ever since you moved to Castelia City. Ive just reached Accumula from Nuvema this morning, but what brings you to this place?

Well, when you live in the city, and eat too much specialty food, you kind of miss common peoples food. Fortunately, my family still owns a little condo here, so I can spend a few days in these nostalgic areas.

Brenda could not hide the shock on her face, so much so that Annie had to her what was amiss.

I- I hadnt considered the food! she exclaimed.

Whats that all about?

Id prepared myself to leave my mother and my town behind, but not the food!

Brenda looked down at her knees.

My my, Brenda. Im actually surprised you forgot about food. Its you, the girl who chased bouffalant because they stole her berries, were talking about.

How do you still remember such tiny details from the past?

It was a rather memorable event, to say the least.

Annie then noticed something moving close to her legs, and was startled. However, she then realized that it was just a Riolu.

I wonder if the waiters havent realized that there is a wild pokemon on the loose, she commented.

Brenda raised her depressed face, and looked back down to what Annie was referring to.

Oh, no Annie. This is my partner, Ren.

Brenda patted Rens head.

My bad, apologized Annie. I didnt think youd have caught another pokemon so early.

Then Brenda explained in not much detail, how she had caught Ren, her starter pokemon.

Interesting, and very like you Brenda. I gave up on becoming a trainer when I moved into the city, but I still have a pretty companion, Linda.

She then threw a Luxury ball into the air, and released a delcatty, though it took Brenda a few seconds to recognize it.

A shiny delcatty! Brenda shouted with her eyes almost jumping out of their sockets. The people around her made shh sounds, so she contained her need to make another, not-so-classy remark.

The look on Brendas face was enough to feed Annies ego, however.

Yes, I asked my uncle in Hoenn to bring me a shiny skitty about four years ago. When I felt I was too mature to carry around a skitty with me, I evolved her into a delcatty. We are definitely a match made in Heaven.

Thats so amazing, Brenda shouted in whispers. I had never seen a shiny in my life. Your uncle must be a magician or something.

Annie giggled.

Hes a shiny hunter. He has a lot of workers looking for shinies all over Hoenn.

I bet itd cost a fortune to buy one, unless one was part of the family, Brenda said, still looking at the Delcatty with nothing less than admiration. May I pet her?

Why, go ahead. She loves to get attention.

Brenda stretched a hand, and stroked Delcattys well-trimmed fur.

Her fur is so soft, I-

Before she could finish her sentence, however, the Delcatty was pushed away from her hand. In what felt like a second, the cat pokemon slid and bumped into a counter three seats away from her.

Linda! Annie ran to help her partner up.

Once the Delcatty was aware of what had happened, she quickly stood up, and charged towards the Riolu that had punched her on her side. Ren received the full on tackle, and they ran into a tall window, which they broke.

The battle that ensued next was nothing but chaos.

The two pokemon were battling each other, lending no ear to the commands of their companions. The people on the waiting list had to move out of the way, to dodge the pokemon that ran and jumped in all directions. Finally, the restaurants manager was called, and he became angry to see the broken window and the mess that the two uncontrolled pokemon were causing.

He demanded that Brenda pay for the window, but she was a child with no money, so the only thing he could do was to kick her out of the place.

A couple of Houndooms were brought out from the kitchen, and they took care of the wild pokemon.

Annie screamed when she saw how the fire had burnt her Lindas red fur. Brenda said nothing when a Houndoom pushed Ren to go out the door, and he frowned at the sight of her face.

Brenda, Im so disappointed, Annie shouted, even though they were right next to each other. Your partner if you so call that beast, has no respect and no manners. I dont ever want to see him close to my Linda again!

Then, she returned her Delcatty to her ball, whipped her blond hair in front of Brendas nose, and ran away to her condo.

Oh well, now well have to eat Cherens snacks.

Brenda stretched her body with both hands straightened up.

She started walking, and seeing that Ren was still pouting, she turned around.

What are you waiting for, Ren? Arent you hungry? she asked, and placed a hand over her stomach. I sure am.

Rens stomach seemed to agree. He walked after her, taking care not to look in her way.

Lets sit under those trees - the sun is not scorching, but Im assuming you dont want to burn your skin any more than that, Brenda snickered. But jokes aside, remind me to teach you basic manners and respect, I forgot to do that, and put you in a bad spot there.

As they reached their picnic spot, Brenda looked at Ren in the eye.

Im sorry.

At this, Ren barked. He shouted angrily, but Brenda was confused as to what could have caused such irritation in him.

All she did was apologize.

Ah I understand. Theres no time to lose with apologies. Food awaits!

She took out a plastic container which contained Pokemon food, and offered it to Ren.

However, Ren took one glance at the food, and slapped the container, which caused it to fall and roll, leaving a streak of food behind.

Ren must have known he made a mistake, for he instantly stopped shouting.

He took a quick look at his awfully silent trainer, but all he could see was her white cap, and hair that covered most of her face. Despite that, he clearly saw a tear form at the end of her chin, and drop onto her shirt.

Ren widened his eyes, and stood up quickly. He picked up the container, placed it upright, and started collecting the food that had fallen on the grass.

When he was done, he offered the container to Brenda, who had not shifted her position.

He made a low sound, like a cats purr, to call her attention, but Brenda would simply not raise her head.

Ren lowered his head, and was unhappy.

Half a minute later, Brenda laughed in an exaggerated loud voice. It had been so sudden, that the startled Riolu almost dropped the can of food it had put most effort in restoring.

I knew you werent a lost cause, Brenda said, with a bright smile.

Ren, understanding now that he had somehow fallen into a trap once again, faced his whole body away from Brenda.

What now, she asked from behind. Dont tell me youre upset because you thought I was crying. I kind of was, in the beginning, not going to lie, but then I realized halfway through that there really wasnt a need for tears.

Ren still did not accede.

Come on now, Ren. Gosh I didnt know you were such a sensible guy.

Her partner would still not bulge. Brenda began to be concerned that she had played a prank too harsh.

Ren, sorry, I wont do it again. So dont be so mad at me, please?

She placed a hand on his shoulder, and turned him around.

Should she call it like father like son?

Ren was making a face, sticking his tongue out and looking up. When she flinched in surprise, he laughed hysterically.

You played the same trick on me, didnt you, little snothead.

She pouted, but the fact that he did also made her unable to contain her laugh. She started tickling him in revenge, to the point that Ren could hardly breathe.

A little into their fight, and they had to take a pause. Grrr, their stomachs both complained at the same time, so they decided to take a break from war, to eat their snacks in peace.

They had no idea they were being watched again, this time from behind some other trees.

... Why do you take interest in them? A voice no one but him could hear, asked him. To me, they just seem to be a pair of idiots.

Perhaps they are, he answered. But I am still curious. It is as if I were watching a clash of ideals right in front of me.

His long hair wavered in the wind, together with the trees and grass.

Perhaps it is a clash which will belong to us.