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Chapter Ten

After Brenda, it was Cheren’s turn to take on a Gym Leader.

The trio waited for Cheren to send out his Snivy.

“A Snivy, it is then. I’ll battle him,” Chili said, stepping forward.

He sent out a lillipup, which seemed to be the common pokemon among all three Leaders.

“Red, use leaf tornado,” Cheren said calmly.

“Lillipup, tackle!”

Red acted first, and managed to lower the lillipup’s accuracy, which in turn caused its tackle to miss. The lillipup seemed confused as to how its move could have missed the target.

“That’s lucky,” Brenda told Ren, who was sitting next to her. “Now a second leaf tornado should do the trick. Cheren won’t even have to heal up to face the next opponent.”

However, Red winded up missing its second leaf tornado, because the lillipup happened to change its course of movement. The dog pokemon managed to hit the tackle this time around.

Red did knock out the lillipup on the third round, but Cheren would be forced to use a potion sometime in the next two rounds.

“Good, good,” Chili said, as he withdrew the fainted lillipup. “However, don’t think you’ll win that easily.”

From the ball Chili threw came out a pansear.

“Oh no,” Brenda gasped. “Now Cheren has a serious disadvantage, not only from how tired Red must be, but also from the typing.”

Contrary to what Brenda thought Cheren’s move would be, he commanded Red to use leech seed.

“Pansear, use flame burst,” ordered Chili, with a confident smirk.

Of course, the fire type attack hit super-effectively on the grass type Snivy, but it was not strong enough to knock it unconscious.

Now, Cheren used a potion on Red - actually, he used two, which was the maximum number he was allowed to use, back to back. That was because each time he healed, the opponent used the same attack, which brought down Red’s stamina to nearly the same level.

“What’s the point of healing up, if he’s going to end up at the same position?” Brenda was at a loss.

“Now, Red,” Cheren raised his voice. “Use nature gift!”

Red procured a chesto berry, and the berry glowed until it disappeared. A purple aura enveloped Red, and then he lunged forward with speed to headbutt the monkey.

The pansear still stood after the attack, but not for long. It kneeled, and finally lay down without consciousness.

How things turned out took both Brenda and Chili by surprise, so much so that they were speechless for a moment.

At last, Cilan broke the silence.

“Pansear is unable to battle,” he said. “Red, the Snivy, is the winner!”

“Cheren, you did it!” Brenda came running, and Ren followed her.

“What, did you expect me to lose?” Cheren grinned. “I can’t fail when my friend has won a badge right before me.”

“Of course not,” Brenda admitted. “All those books had to come in useful at some point.”

Both Cheren and Brenda laughed.

Then, Cheren walked over to the other side of the field, his fingers already feeling the sensation of his badge. In the middle of the way, he caught up to Red, and he took him in his arms.

When he stood in front of the three Gym Leaders, they each congratulated him.

Chili put his hand in his pocket, to get a badge for Cheren.

“Uh?” he checked the other pocket. “It’s weird, I was sure I had brought a bunch of badges.”

“Here, have this,” Cress stretched his arm, holding a badge.

Out of nowhere, a Minccino fell down on top of Cress’ hand, and robbed the badge.

“That won’t be necessary,” said a girl, lowering herself from the upper floor of the Gym, skillfully using some ropes. The girl was covered in black, tight clothes - even her hair and face was covered, except for her eyes.

“I should’ve guessed it was you,” Chili scratched his head. “I’ll never know in what moment you took my badges.”

“That wasn’t me,” she said, walking toward them. “It was my partner there.”

Suddenly, a pokemon appeared close to Chili, and he was startled.

“A Kecleon,” Cheren commented.

“Exactly, for what other pokemon would go well with a ninja like me, other than my Unseen?”


The woman ignored his question, for she had more important things to say.

She took off her head covering, revealing long, orange twin tails.

“You should be proud, challenger,” she said, pointing at him. “For not many have the fortune to be noticed by my eyes.”

Cheren looked at the three Gym Leaders. Cilan moved his mouth sneakily, saying “Just roll with it.”

“The way you told your Snivy to use leech seed, and then healed twice to exhaust your opponent’s stamina without making a move, was impressive. Moreover, how your Snivy used a water-type natural gift with the Chesto berry to finish pansear off, was plain stylish. I can’t believe you are a beginner who’s just started his journey,” she carried on. “For that reason, I invite you to join my ninja gang, The Invisibles. We will fight the forces of evil, together!”

Cheren showed a forced smile.

“Thanks for the offer, but I don’t think I have the qualities to make a good ninja.”

“You are wrong, challenger. The skills of a ninja can be learnt, if you have a good teacher like myself.”

In his mind, Cheren wondered why the girls around him, save Bianca perhaps, had to be such overconfident nut cases.

“Well I-”

“Well, he’s not interested,” Brenda had come over to Cheren’s aid. “Besides, I don’t know if Cheren’s klutz is curable, though he impressed me yesterday when he ran faster than me.”

“Excuse me, but who are you?” the ninja girl raised an eyebrow.

“I’m Brenda. Cheren’s best friend, aside from Bianca,” Brenda stretched her arm with her hand shaped into a peace sign. “And what about you? You haven’t even introduced yourself.”

The girl hair-flipped one of her twin tails.

“I’m Carol, the ninja cousin of these three,” she said, referring to the Gym Leaders. “And if you wanted to know, you are not invited to join The Invisibles. The offer is only for the cute guy in the glasses.”

Carol winked at Cheren, which made him terribly embarrassed.

“Cut it out, Carol. You’re scaring our guests,” Chili said.

Carol clicked her tongue, and crossed her arms.

“Fine, but you’ll regret it, pretty-boy,” she spat out, and stormed off with her Minccino and Kecleon. However, midway, she turned and returned with light feet.

“Don’t forget your badge, and keep up your cool battle style,” she smirked as she grabbed Cheren’s hand and placed a trio badge in it.

When she was really out of sight this time, Cress sighed.

“I guarantee you,” she told Cheren and Brenda. “She’s the only weird one in our family.”

After a little small talk with the Gym Leaders, the two badge holders exited the Striaton Gym.

“A unique character she was, was she not?” Cheren commented, scratching his head.

“Unique, but so annoying!” Brenda said, and Cheren looked at her in surprise, for it was not often that he spotted her complaining about someone.

However, the reason was not what Cheren hoped it was.

Brenda flickered a strand of her high ponytail, and imitated Carol.

“‘You are not invited to join The Invisibles,’ she says. Like I’d want to join a cult like that!”

She stepped on the floor frantically, as though a miniature Carol was standing there.

“Easy there, Brenda,” Cheren tried to pacify her.

Brenda took a deep breath, and fell silent.

“Ok, I’m calm. Now, we must go meet Bianca at the Dreamyard.”

Bianca was talking with an unfamiliar woman when Cheren and Brenda walked into the Dreamyard.

“Hey, Brenda, Cheren,” Bianca called them. “Come here. Especially you, Cheren, for I’m sure you’ll be interested in what Ms. Fennel has to say.”

“Nice to meet you,” Ms. Fennel greeted as the two approached. “I’m a dream researcher based in Striaton. This Dreamyard is really an extension to my lab.”

Cheren placed a hand on his chin, and nodded.

“I’ve heard of dream research, which is more advanced in Unova than all other regions.”

“What’s so special about the Dreamyard, if I may ask?” Brenda asked with anticipation.

“Let me show you,” Ms. Fennel said, and she walked over to the closest tall grass.

She moved the grass softly, as though she were looking for something. On the third try, she managed to find what she was looking for.

From the tall grass emerged a pink pokemon, and it remained floating midair.

“Wow, what’s that pokemon, Cheren?” Brenda asked.

Before Cheren could answer, however, Ms. Fennel introduced them to her target of research.

“This is Munna, the dream-eater pokemon. I have been researching her evolutionary line for years now, and thanks to her breed I have been able to contribute much to dream research.”

“But she is still a wild pokemon, isn’t she?” Brenda asked, grinning. “May I capture her?”

Ms. Fennel chuckled.

“But of course, trainer. I don’t wish to monopolize the Munnas and Musharnas.”

However, Cheren had a piece of warning to offer.

“Munna is a psychic type,” he said. “Be careful, since your Ren is a fighting type, and thus vulnerable to her.”

“Ok, thanks for the heads up,” Brenda said, and then sent Ren forward. “Ren, you must come back if you can’t handle this fight, ok? This is our first battle with real type disadvantage.”

Ren nodded, but he was determined to win. He took his stance, and awaited for command.

“Ren, use quick attack!”

The attack hit the Munna, but she immediately countered with a hypnosis attack.

“This is not good,” Cheren told Bianca. “If Ren doesn’t wake up in the next round, it might be best to forfeit.”

Ren did not get lucky, and did not wake up in the next round. The Munna used psybeam on him, and he complained, but did not wake up.

“It’s fine, Ren. We tried,” Brenda said as she took the pokeball that hadn’t been used in a while. “Come back now.”

However, when the pokeball’s withdrawing light almost touched Ren, he woke up and rotated his body to avoid it.

“Ren, we can’t weaken Munna enough to catch her. Return,” she pressed the pokeball’s button once again, but Ren just would not accede.

Instead, it used bullet punch on the Munna, and received another psybeam in return. That second attack caused Ren to faint.

“Stubborn Riolu,” Brenda sighed as she kneeled to scoop Ren into her arms. “We’ll have to work on how to read your limits, little guy.”

Brenda’s friends ran over to check on Ren’s status.

“He's fine, I’ll take him to the Pokemon Center now,” Brenda smiled. “Sorry I showed you an uncool performance.”

“No worries, we know wild pokemon are hard to bond with,” Bianca cheered her up. “I’ll take on the Striaton Gym in a little bit, so I guess we’ll be seeing each other in Nacrene City next.”

Brenda nodded, and waved at her friends.

Just as she was exiting the Dreamyard, however, she happened to spot a red fox looking at her from a patch of grass.

“Oh, it’s a Vulpix!” Brenda exclaimed, and became sad that she didn’t have pokemon to fight and capture her. “Guys, look! Anyone want to capture a Vulpix?”

Unfortunately, just as her friends reacted at her remarks, the Vulpix disappeared into the tall grass.

“Never mind, she’s out of sight now.”

“Don’t worry, Brenda,” Bianca told her from where she stood. “I’m sure you’ll encounter another one, and you’ll be the one to capture her!”

“If I remember correctly, it was your favorite pokemon, wasn’t it?” Cheren commented, more to himself than to the girls.

“Yes, it’ll be that way,” Brenda replied to Bianca, totally cured of her unhappiness, and was off her way to the Pokemon Center.