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Originally Posted by Teh_Do0d View Post
i found this weird glitch where when i entered in this house that a spearow level 14 attacked me, i went inside i used a oran berry to heal me then i found myself blocking the door way and i was controlling another pichu then i went down tried to talk to it and it didnt work i reset the game nothing happend i gone so pretty far i guess XD but i want this glitch to be gone im not sure if its a glitch or not .
I just repeated your steps (inside Elder Rega's house, where the Spearow guard had been blocking) and what you described did happen. The reason it happened is that Ruby version has a strange behavior quirk, in that there are two different "look down" commands for sprite positions inside Advance Map. Selecting the first "look down" instead of the second can cause the event you just described - entering the map is fine; but reload the map for any reason and the looking-down sprite switches to look like the player (but with its original pallete) and you're now in control of it. It would take someone who knows the engine better than I do to explain why it happens, but the thing that's important to us is that it does happen D: Anyway, the map of that particular area has existed inside the game since 2009, back when I didn't know the difference between the two look down commands, and it was something that was never corrected because I never thought to. D: But thanks so much for bringing it to my attention! I changed the sprite facing command in Advance Map and the glitch no longer happens, and now that I know this could be a potential issue I'll go back to the oldest maps and double check that any sprites that are facing downwards are actually using the correct command. It's an easy mistake to make, which is what makes input like yours so valuable. Thank you for alerting me to this! :)
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