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    Originally Posted by Theik View Post
    Ehm... inconsistent? o_O;
    Haha~ Yeah, I saw that too. I assumed it was just a typo, getting something confused, or perhaps due to a revision of the story where the ages of the hero were different.

    This looks interesting! :D

    Though, the face on Fishle(btw, it's "Drizzle" n_n) looks kinda weird.
    I really like Leacon, but... I love fluffeh. I'll have to have two games going, so I can try Scorbur out as well!

    And if you're asking for thoughts on the names as well, Pokemon names tend to be a little more phonetic(isn't it funny how that word isn't itself spelled phonetically?) so maybe "Fishell"? ... Though, then people may complain it has shell in its name and no shell in the sprite |D Fishel?

    I think Scorbur works well because it also could look a little like a fluffy prickle, which I think is called a bur?

    I really don't get the bacon connection with Leacon, though xD I guess it has something more to do with one of it's evolutions?
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