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I'm still at the same point where I was in the check-in. I haven't really had the time or energy to watch any more episodes at this point since the only easily accessible format is through the torrent on my pc and I've only gotten on my computer for a few minutes a day this past week or so. I've also been watching Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans just about every day (about an episode or two each time) since I can get it on hulu with pretty much any of my devices.

However, there is a little bit that I'd like to say about what I did watch of His and Her Circumstances.

First off, the music is great. The animation is pretty good for the time it was made and like I said in a post earlier on, I have a few faint memories of having seen the anime before but it was years and years ago. But there have been certain points in the show where I can go 'oh yeah!' and start to get really excited thinking about what's about to happen.

The premise of the show so far seems pretty simple, but I feel like the romance was rushed a little bit too much in the beginning. It's already 26 episodes, so I feel like they could have put one or two more in to build up better but this is likely how the manga began as well so I'll just put it aside. That being said, I have been enjoying the episodes that I've watched and I actually started watching an episode tonight to get a refresher. I'll probably post here again in a couple of weeks to summarize my thoughts when it's all over.
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