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Posted May 9th, 2015
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I've started a new job today, so progress will not be going as fast as it has been - I will continue to do what I can in my free time to get the game working, though.

Isn't Bulbasaur too light? His color looks like it's light green but too much
For Bulbasaur, I'm using a certain palette, so if I change the colors on the palette, it will affect other sprites that share the same pallet - that's what happened with the Ash sprite and I've been having to re-edit a lot of sprites to get rid of the green and I added to the pallet.

Mainly Jessie & James's overworlds and battle sprites.

Some of the others like ash's back & front and Brock's battle sprite looks faded.

Brock's overworld.

I like Misty's overworld and battle sprite though.

Remember metapod23 this is all my opinion, so if you like it you can keep it and I'll still play it anyway.
I understand, but it helps to have some comments on what needs improving.

Are u going to release it soon?
It may be a while before it's ready to release. I'll try to get a beta ready before too long.