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Posted May 9th, 2015
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It's awesome that you're going through a lot of Progress since the last update.
Can wait to see more updates.
Thanks! Here's a quick update:

I got a script working that will have the St. Anne animation take place once you board the ship, and once you board the ship, you can't leave, so that you'll be on the ship while it sets sail. I'll probably try to add a healing person somewhere as well to substitute for a Pokemon Center.

Great :) Btw ya might ask the creator of Ash's Quest hack he'd sure know how to do that
I've got the earthquake itself to work, but the whole script needs refinement.

Wow this is nice! But if you added some tiles or spiced up the look of the hack, this would be great!
It seems exciting, hope you do well on this ;)

Btw, if you need help creating an earthquake, I can help. It's a little more tricky than "special 0x136"
Thanks! :) Adding tiles and stuff will probably be the last thing I do, though.

With the earthquake script, I just had it call an already existing earthquake script in the game, rather than try to make a new one.

UPDATE: I've pretty much finished the St. Anne event. I'll be working on the shipwreck and island of giant Pokémon events next. :)