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    The Champion, one of the rivals, and the not-professor, the same person, Riley Spruce, introduce you to the world of Pokémon, but mid-lecture the not-lab (Riley's house in Luchada, and the reasoning is "she was pretending to be Prof. Rowan for lulz") is destroyed by a Golurk sent by Team Nemesis leader Viktoria. You scramble toward the exit, taking one of the three Pokéballs left on the table carelessly, a Waython, a Skufra, and a Peatle (happening to have the same types as all other starters). Then, something falls on the door, blocking you and Riley from escaping. Just as you think you and Riley are going to die, you are teleported to Mount Atraks, the biggest mountain of Zantaru, and where the Pokémon League is. You look around and see a star-shaped Pokémon sitting facing towards Luchada, which you can see because of the smoke and giant Golurk of course. The star Pokémon introduces itself as Jirachi, tells you about why it saved you, and you battle it. Regardless of win or lose, it joins your team (though for different reasons if you win or you lose), and it teleports you back to Luchada. There, you are grabbed by a man in white robes and knocked unconscious.

    (My game has two starter Pokémon for you: its own fake Pokémon starters, and a Level 5 Jirachi.)
    Am I the only one aroundhere who thinks Gens 5 and 7 are the best?

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