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    Day before yesterday i started constantly resetting my DS Lite's clock to a minute before midnight and then playing my Platinum game to try and get the Pokemon population outbreak I wanted. If it wasn't the one I wanted, I'd simply save and reset the clock again to try and get the one I wanted. The date on my DS wound up around the 22nd before I set it back to the real day and time and quit. The problem now is, it's affected my White 2 game. I figured it would for that night, but then it wouldn't let me do the lottery in Join Avenue or send a Pokemon to the Dream World yesterday either, and now I can't do it today, either. Will I really have to wait all the day worth of times I reset the clock, even though i corrected the date and time? Any way I can fix this, such as trying my White 2 activities on a different DS?
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