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    This thread is for detail-oriented people. If you know of any minor oddities or strange behaviors in Pokémon Essntials (Particularly, small cosmetic features or little things that don't crash or hurt gameplay, and aren't really worthy of a bug report), this thread is all about listing these issues out so they can be fixed in the future.

    Here is the list as we have it so far:

    Visual issues:
    • When using an HP Up, the Pokémon's new HP stat doesn't appear until the party screen refreshes(Unlike the main games)
    • When picking up items, the Pokéball doesn't disappear until after the textbox is finished displaying. In the base game, the Pokéball disappears immediately, unless the player fails to get the item.
    • When walking into a solid object, the player just stands still versus having their sprite walking forward in that direction but not moving. There's a reason they put this in the official games; it's basically a psychological effect. It makes the player feel like they're moving forward and not too confined, even when not being able to actually move forward.
    • When using a healing item on a Pokémon, the HP bar doesn't animate. It just jumps to the new health value.
    • There's no shadow under the player when jumping off a ledge.
    • The character sprite jumps pretty darn high it seems.
    • There's no 'battle overlays'. (ie. the bits of grass and water droplets that fly across on screen when a battle starts)
    • The surfing sprites cycled through the 'walking' animations for the charset when sitting idle in the games.
    • The default tileset for the kit is very incomplete (I.e, many tiles are lacking collision or priority, etc.)
    • When using an item on a Pokémon that heals HP, manipulates EVs, or manipulates PP, there is no sound that plays.
    • The PC sounds are far too loud.
    • There's a sound for fleeing, but it's never used when actually fleeing.*
    • There's no sound for the EXP bar rising.
    • The pokémon storage system has no sounds for interactions. (The PC itself does, though.)
    • There's no sound for purchasing an item.
    • There's no 'ping' sound for each pokéball when a trainer battle starts and the pokéballs showing the pokémon count move across the screen.
    • There is no sound indicating low HP in battle.
    • When consuming an item from the bag in the party screen, the item number doesn't update until the bag screen is loaded again and the fade in is finished.
    • There is no scene for a hatching egg, simply a text box.
    We've got a good list going here, but if you can think of anything that's not here yet, please post it in this thread.

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