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    @_Lugia Da Boss

    Not in Beta 1. The final release will have the day/night system. That was my fault as I forgot to add it.


    Part 1 will be done and released on Christmas Day of this year(Even if it's not done, I'll released whatever is finalized and working as a Beta 1.5). You won't have to start all over either. Just reload your save file by clicking Load on your emulator then find your save file on your computer. Yes, it will be a hack of fire red also but in No Way will it look similar or feel like Fire Red. I'm going to make extra sure everything feels brand new and even the characters themselves will have new looks but a few similarities to how they looked in Part 1. They'll be a lot of new characters, gyms, trainer classes, etc. It's gonna be really awesome. Part 1 is my first full hack ever and I gained a lot of experience hacking from this one. So I can assure Part 2 will be even better now that I learned so much working on Part 1. My only small concern is Darugis. After 2 hacks, I have to make sure the battle against it is epic and worthy of chasing it down that long.

    EDIT: Axew and Deino will be available at Lv10 in the next release of the hack at the Game Corner as Prizes. Porygon will also be available as a prize. This is the Only way in the hack to get these 3 Pokemon.
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