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    Chapter Two: Part One
    Paths Crossed

    Zen held a hand up to her chin in thought. "Hmm... There's a smoothie shop in Oak Town. I could teleport us there, but I'd prefer the walk, unless you have an objection?" Zen turned and faced Joy. "Uh, you know I don't carry your currency, you think you could..."

    Joy handed Zen a few bills and smiled. "I don't mind. Plus, if it keeps you from causing more trouble, then I'll help whenever I can." She smiled sweetly, and Zen couldn't hide the faint smile spreading across her own lips. This caused Joy to smile more, adding, "Go on, have fun Sweetie."

    "Thank you Joy. You've been very kind to me." Zen turned and headed out the door, assumedly with Bai in tow. "So, Bai," she remembered the name from one of the many voices inside of that unusual brain, "What's your story? Why do you have several voices in your head?" She paused. "I can hear them in your head," she added, assuring that Bai would understand on the off chance she didn't. "I have something I can use as blackmail against one of them now, though that means little to you personally. I just like having an advantage is all." Subconsciously, she had begun swaying as she hovered, her hands clasped together behind the small of her back.

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